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Israel and US be scared. August 23, 2008

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What is Russia’s Navy doing in Syria, if not threatening Israel?

Continuing on from my previous posts, it was brought to my attention by morris108 that Syria are dedicated in hosting Russia in Middle East.

The significance of Russia sending her Navy to Syria.

It is a tit for tat for the Americans / NATO presence in the Black Sea.

Israel is the crown Jewel of the US & NATO’s endeavors. To threaten Israel is to threaten the current raison d’etre of the West.Israel has never faced so much potential hostile firepower in its vicinity ever!Presumably the more the West (through NATO) ups the ante in or about Georgia, the more the Russians can counter by supplying the Syrians (and therefore) Hizbollah.

It would appear that political manoeuvring, like suggesting the Americans convene another Middle East peace conference, prior to Russia’s in October is all hot air when compared to arms on the ground.

There must be alarm bells going off in Israel. A flotilla of advanced Russian ships arriving next door to Israel.
One response has been a behind the scenes effort to cool the US / Russia relationship.

The dust has hardly settled on the Georgian conflict, this show of force by the Russian Navy needs to be seen as part of that conflict. From a Russian perspective, Israel armed, nurtured and possibly triggered the killing of Russian soldiers and citizens.Russia’s intelligence agency the FSB is very clear in the extent of Israeli involvement. The Israeli Navy fared very badly in Lebanon in 2006. Presumably they are now monitoring every detail.

Syria is lapping it all up and showing support for Russia. The President of Syria was the first foreign head of state to visit Moscow since the Georgian conflict ended. Not a moment was wasted. Syria has been nurturing Russian ties at all times and this year has reportedly already purchased Mig 31s, a very advanced fighter aircraft, billed as ‘defensive’  [read more]