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Jade Goody & Celebrity Cancer February 20, 2009

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She is back in our faces once again.  The racist (who humilated a actress from Bollywood while together in Big Brother) still continues to disgust her self by openly displaying her celebrity cancer to the world. 

What’s her motive?

There are many other people who suffer from Cancer, who know how it feels but it seems Jade Goody once again wants the media attention, never mind if her children suffer.

Should she not be spending her blessed time with her children and loved one, and stop trying to have a dream wedding which is less valuable then the time she has left?

I could not have put it better my self


I actually am sick of hearing about her.  Thousands of people struggle with cancer of varying degrees all the time.  Are they on the national news? No.  So why is Jade?  Because she appeared on Big Brother, and so – apparently – that means that she is a “celebrity” and that we, the public, need to know everything about her life. 

Never mind the fact that, whilst she was on Big Brother, all she really suceeded in doing was showing an example of how you don’t have to be clever or have any particular talent, skill, or knowledge in order to get on TV.   After that show she pretty much vanished though, as you might expect, save of course for further reality TV appearances.  But now she has cancer, so she’s back.  All over the place.



Some pictures to remind us of who she really was: