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Shimon Perez “Dont place Russian Missiles in Syria” August 22, 2008

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Israel Expresses Concerns Over Possible Russia-Syria Arms Deal

(RTTNews) - Israel’s President Shimon Peres and Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni on Thursday expressed concerns over a possible Russia-Syria arms deal, saying it would destabilize the Middle East.

Earlier, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad had offered to let Russia deploy surface-to-surface Iskander missiles in its territory to counter the US missile shield program in Eastern Europe.

Israel’s Prime Minister Shimon Peres expressed concerns over the possibility of Russia deploying missiles in Syria and warned that such a move would destabilize not only the Middle East, but the entire world as well.

“Weapons of mass destruction are less dangerous without a means for launching them, but once a launching system is developed, the situation will be terrible,” Israel’s Army Radio quoted Peres as saying.

Meanwhile Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni also expressed her concerns about the possibility of a Russia-Syria arms deal, saying that it would destabilize the entire Middle East.

“It is a mutual interest of Russia, of Israel and of the pragmatic leaders and states in the region not to send long-range missiles to Syria,” she said, pointing out Syria’s alleged links with Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah.

Their remarks came after Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov said earlier on Thursday that Moscow is prepared to supply Syria with defensive weapons that would “not disturb the strategic balance in the region.”  [source]



1. morris108 - August 22, 2008
2. melanie - August 24, 2008

Russia is always supporting the terroist nations ,the trouble is they wont use them for defence they will let the terroists use them and russia knows this ,i am afraid if israel waits it will be doomed and i see an all out attack coming sooner rather than later on both syria and iran ,russia is backing israel into a corner and will have no choice ,it looks as if the samson move will be a reality ,as they will be doomedif they do and doomed if they dont .no one cantrust russia.

3. infidelkafirwatch - August 24, 2008


I totally disagree with you. Russia’s involvement (recently) in Middle East has only increased due to the war in Gerorgia. Remember the world already had seen a similar war in the Middle East when Israel destroyed the entire Lebanon infrastructure for one 30 days, where the west dragged their feet into stopping this rape of Lebanon, General secretary Condi, then called it “Birth pangs of a New Middle East”. The reason Israel gave into attacking Lebanon was “Iran backed Hezbollah” in Lebanon.

Well I’m afraid I classify both wars in the same category. Russia sees US/Israel backed Georgian forces as a threat to South Ossetia and had to make a move. In one way, Russia has shown more restraint then Israel ever did. The only difference in the outcome was that Russia achieved with ambition and Israel lost that war, despite totally destroying Lebanon Infrastructure Israel walked away with defeat and Hezbollah more powerful and more confidence to grow (in size).

If you classify Russia as supporting terrorist, then I can only see the biggest Terrorist as being Israel and US.

Israel will get its reward for all the atrocities it has been committing in Palestine and the terrorism its has been projecting around the world, so be it the reward is close than we first thought.

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