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Israel probe finds 2006 war ‘failure’ & "large and serious" failure January 31, 2008

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Or to put it in simple word “SHIT”, israel is SHIT and don’t we all know this.


srael’s 2006 war against Hezbollah in Lebanon was a “large and serious” failure, according to an Israeli government-appointed inquiry.

Military and political leaders had no clear strategy, which meant Israel was “dragged” into an inconclusive ground operation in Lebanon, the report said.

PM Ehud Olmert has insisted he will not step down despite the findings.

However, public pressure could grow on partners in his governing coalition to pull out, analysts say. [source]


israel IDF (Israel Defeated Force) cry

that’s not all, they are still crying:

more israel IDF (Israel Defeated Force) cry and cry aloud, no brave faces here

but that’s not all, their crying never ends, just like their illegal occupation of Palestine:

Take a look at the second IDF (Israel Defeated Force) from the right, please someone call his ma’ma, his having a bad(ass) time.

The following picture speaks a million words, the IDF experience the real SHOCK AND AWE

IDF (Israel Defeated Force) experience the real SHOCK AND AWE.  Their faces say it all (for the illegal nation)


I guess the Party is still not over.

Freedom for Palestine, If you have it so can they….unless January 28, 2008

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..unless the Jews and Zionist have something to do with it..

I guess the Palestinian Flag explains it all:

The Colours of the Flag say it all:

Green: Is for the Land of Palestine

White: is for the peace in which the Palestinians lived before they were made refugees

Red: is for the blood they spilled in trying to liberate their land, and

Black: is for life their life under occupation and oppression