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Ahmadinejad Message to Saudi King September 15, 2007

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Saudi King Abdullah has received a message from the Islamic Republic of Iran’s president, conveyed to him by Iran’s special envoy and minister of information Gholamhossein Mohseni Ejeii. Iran and Saudi Arabia are 2 important regional countries with key roles in the region’s security, in OPEC and in the Organization of the Islamic Conference.

That is why their level of ties is an important criterion to assess the region’s situation. This was a point reiterated by the Saudi king in his meeting with Ejeii, reiterating the need for continued bilateral consultations on regional issues. Riyadh’s foreign policy has in the past years turned toward solving regional crisis. Saudi officials decided to distance themselves from US militarist policies in the region.

The Saudi king considers reinforcing ties with Iran to be important due to the regional situation and divisive US policies. Iran’s foreign policy priority is also based on boosting ties with Arab states and in this line Iran’s growing ties with the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council in the political and economic fields indicate the progress of this bilateral policy.

Tehran and Riyadh also in their consultations discuss the situations in Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine and the Zionist Regime threats. And the message by the Islamic Republic of Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to the Saudi king should be assessed from the angle of regional developments and reinforcing coordination in the Islamic world’s stances.  [source




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