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The US "intellectually bankrupt" September 1, 2007

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Is it any surprise that once the heat is on, the fingers start pointing at others:

The head of the British army during the Iraq invasion has said US post-war policy was “intellectually bankrupt”.

In a Daily Telegraph interview, former chief of the general staff, Gen Sir Mike Jackson, added that US strategy had been “short-sighted”.

He said former US defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld was “one of the most responsible for the current situation”.

The Ministry of Defence said Sir Mike was a private citizen who was entitled to express his views.

The US Department of Defense said: “Divergent viewpoints are a hallmark of open, democratic societies.”

Sir Mike told the Daily Telegraph that Mr Rumsfeld’s claim that US forces “don’t do nation-building” was “nonsensical”.

He criticised the decision to hand control of planning the administration of Iraq after the war to the Pentagon.

He also described the disbanding of the Iraqi army and security forces after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein as “very short-sighted”.

“We should have kept the Iraqi security services in being and put them under the command of the coalition,” he said.

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