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US troops ‘won’t attend inquests’ August 29, 2007

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In the war on Terror every nation is on their own (according to the US).  So long the friendship between British and the Americans.

Any reason why the US troops won’t be attending the inquests?  Do they really car about the British troops being killed through friendly fire?  and, why is it always British troops who seemed to be getting killed?

The US will continue to refuse requests for its personnel to appear at inquests into the “friendly fire” deaths of British troops, a report says.

The MoD has sent written guidance to coroners across England and Wales over the holding of military inquests.

According to the Times, its letter says the US “confirms categorically” it will not provide witnesses for inquests.

It comes six days after three British soldiers were killed by US “friendly fire” in southern Afghanistan.

The Times reports that the letter to coroners states: “The US have confirmed categorically that they will not provide witnesses to attend UK inquests.


“While coroners may continue to ask for US witnesses to attend… they should be aware that there will in all cases be a refusal.”

Fighter planes

The three soldiers who died on Thursday were Privates Aaron McClure and Robert Foster, both 19, and John Thrumble, 21, of the 1st Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment.

They had been on patrol in Helmand province when US fighter planes dropped a 500lb bomb, killing them and injuring two other soldiers. The US State Department is investigating the deaths.

In March, Oxfordshire assistant deputy coroner Andrew Walker was critical of the failure of the US authorities to co-operate at the inquest of Lance Corporal of Horse Matty Hull.

L/Cpl Hull, 25, died when a US pilot fired on his convoy in Iraq in 2003. No American witnesses gave evidence at the inquest.

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