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Fatigue Cripples US Army in Iraq August 12, 2007

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Is this good news or bad news (it is for Red Bull)?

Exhaustion and combat stress are besieging US troops in Iraq as they battle with a new type of warfare. Some even rely on Red Bull to get through the day. As desertions and absences increase, the military is struggling to cope with the crisis  [read more]

Can some one please remind me, what is the US army doing in Iraq?  Securing US nations security or protecting the security of Israel and the OIL?

If the people of America and west cannot see this, then truly doomed is the nation. 



1. Infidel Parrot - August 12, 2007

This is ridiculous. You really shouldn’t cross-post badly done articles. First of all, the individual shown in the picture is a Marine and is referred to as a Soldier in the article. Any media members who actually cover the war in Iraq would know that. This article is the product of someone’s imagination.
Since the beginning of the surge in troops, coalition deaths in Iraq are down and civilian deaths are down. Check the statistics. American Soldiers and Marines are fighting alongside the Iraqi military and having success against insurgent forces, especially Al Qaeda. Meanwhile, a democracy LIVES in Iraq. As long as a democracy lives in Iraq, the insurgency is FAILING!! And the Iraqi people are winning.

Since you infer that the US is in Iraq for the oil, let me ask, you, how much Iraqi oil does the US import? Very little. There were 7 other countries that the US imported more oil from than Iraq in the first 5 months of 2007. But we’re willing to spend $12 Billion a month to protect what little oil Iraq exports to US? That’s silly.

And as far a troop fatigue, I can agree that it’s not fun in Iraq, but the troops are experiencing an all-time high in morale right now. The consensus is that we have Al Qaeda on the run and the Iraqi government is getting the time they need to sort out their problems. Very soon the Iraqi army and Iraqi Police will be able to assume leadership in securing their own country, and the American military will scale back operations and troop levels. That’s what really scares the enemies of Iraq, isn’t it? You all can’t wait for Iraq to lose to the insurgency. And it scares you to death that Iraq might defeat their enemies.

Don’t worry about us. We’re doing fine. By the way, I recently left Iraq, so I have a good idea of what’s really going on over there. Americans like war. We always have. Stop lying to you readers.

2. Jason - August 12, 2007

Infidel Parrot. I agree that oil is not the real cause for US going into Iraq. It more serious then that. I too just finished Iraq (9 months ago) but Infidel & kefir watch does collate good information. If you read through his articles the links between Iraq and Israel are mentioned. While I was out in Iraq, I had no idea why we were there and since coming back I realised that nothing has changed. US is fighting Israel war in Iraq, this is the plan to secure Israel as a country and minimize any threat to its being. I’m ashamed to say that this is the truth and many friends in Iraq who have returned to the states have slowly and gradually realized this. Man this is wrong and we all know this but cannot do anything about it. What we going to do next? say that their are couple Al-Q’s in Iran and fight them to and strip Iran from its basic civility or are we going to do the same with Iran, divide it into more mini states and then move onto Syria just to secure Israel as a country.

I dont agree with the author of this blog and I wish he can see it from our point of view, when we are sent to fight and how our objectives change on a daily basic, but I keep comming back to this blog just to under stand things from the otherside which makes more sense to me somtimes.

3. Infidel Parrot - August 13, 2007

I’m glad that you pointed out that we are at war over Israel. It’s absolutely true. I also agree that it’s quickly looking like the real war is between the US and Iran. I think the US and Iran on course for a collision that we can’t avoid. Iran at this moment is a bigger threat than Iraq ever was to Israel and the West.
I guess the real question is whether Israel is worth all of this effort to protect. Please study the Islamic Dawa party and the Brotherhood of Muslims to answer this for yourself. At a time when Islam is supposed to be slowly conquering the world it has lost one of its crown jewels and is powerless to take it back. Israel is more of an embarrassment to Islam than some quest for justice. In the Brotherhood of Islam’s charter it declares that it will use Israel as a battle cry to arouse the sympathy of the world. The Palestinians are martyrs for the cause of Islam, and Islam likes it that way. The battle is not US vs. Iraq or Iran, it’s not even Israel vs. Palestine, it’s Islam vs. non-Islam. Please read and learn about Islam, dawa, dhimmitude, etc. You’ll see what i mean. Look at the immigrations trend in Europe and North America, learn about the enclaves the Islamists are sequestering themselves in. In France, the enclaves are not a de-facto occurrence, they are LEGALLY RECOGNIZED!
I applaud you for looking for deeper meaning in the war in Iraq. I ask you to look even deeper into the topics I have brought up. The real enemies haven’t even been named yet.
I too wonder where we go after Iraq. I think we’ll eventually end up in Iran, but there won’t be any nation-building or spreading of democracy. It will be air strikes and mass destruction and chaos. It will be more like WWII Germany than Vietnam. We haven’t the financial or military resources or PATIENCE to do Iraq twice in a row. Iran is in serious trouble if they keep it up. I think that another large-scale attack on US soils might even cause the US to respond with tactical nuclear weapons against Iran. If there was any question whether Iraq was a state sponsor of terror, there is NO question that Iran is.
This blog tells one side of the story. Islamists are only capable of seeing the world through ‘koranic glasses’ so to speak. To them a person is either a Muslim or an infidel. You’re one or the other, no middle ground. That should provide some insight to what these wars are REALLY about.

4. Infidel Parrot - August 13, 2007

Thank you for your service Jason. God Bless you brother.

5. Jason - August 13, 2007

At least we agree on one thing, that is Israel. It is this exact nation that the world went in to war on two occasions. But what was the result? Devastation moving from one location (Europe) to another (ME), is this what we call peace?

Since I’ve come back from Iraq I’ve done nothing else apart from thinking about Arabs living in ME. They are just the same as us, have children, go to the cinema, have T.V’s, watch MTV, etc. Islam is starting to make sense to me. In Iraq a close associate was badly injured by friendly fire, I was not there but later was told that while this associate was badly injured on the floor, Our own lads just fired at this close associate repeatedly and randomly continued firing at anyone including Iraqis and others in enjoyment shouting, swearing. But while the close associate fell to the ground and kept passing out with all the armour on, an Iraqi boy probably at the age of 7 or 8 came running out amongst the firing by our own lads with a container filled with water. He run across to the injured solder took off his helmet and gave him water, the close associate again passed out in which the little boy again sprayed his face with water. The boy then shouted out towards his house in which another little girl, looked the same age came running out amongst the firing and helped the injured to the side. When the lads who were firing got radioed to stop firing medical aid arrived late (quire common) and took the close associate away. Later on when my lad was released from medical unit he went to the house from where the little boy and girl came out from to thank them. He only later found out while sitting in their house that 4 male adults had been killed by our own lads in a taxi 11 months back, but yet the little boy and girl (and family) helped to save a US soldier from being killed by his own.

Maybe you don’t make anything of this story but for me and my pals in the unit, it was a turning point and at that point we realised that this is not war, neither is this to secure freedom for anyone. This is clearly extermination of a civilisation and nothing more.

Infidel Parrot, you call your self infidel so how can you point the figure to someone else? You should try looking at other sources of information like, infowars.com or prisonplanet.com and you will realise the reality.

This war is to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. These people have not done anything to us, one can even question the reality behind 9/11 and was it Al-Qs who did it or was it CIA sponsored just to pave the way into Afghanistan and ME.

I’m sad that I even went into service because nothing has been resolved and the dead on both sides is ever increasing.

You talk about Islam and how bad it is, have you ever read the bible? The bible is really bad. I too ignored this until I came across a post on this blog which pointed out terrorism in the bible. It is this exact beliefs that the western Christianity was built on and yet it contained such evil text one could bear reading? the link for that post is here:

Israel has got allot to answer for and right now it is all the death and destruction around the world is on its head and its population.

Thank god for sites like prisonplanet.com and infowars.com who can see things outside the box and have the ability and guts display them for everyone to see.

Infidel Parrot you need to wake up and stop blaming the Arabs or Islam, and start looking at why US is hated so much around the world and not just by ME.

6. Infidel Parrot - August 13, 2007

The name “Infidel Parrot” is satirical or course. If you happened to go to my blog I explain that.
At first I believed the hype or Iraq and ‘Stan was all about global security. Many Americans believed this. Later on I thought maybe it was about oil, like many people still do. Then I realized that the insurgents thwarted any attempt the coalition made at developing Iraq’s economy and infrastructure, and there was scarcely any oil being pumped out of Iraq. Then I came to realize later on that the US, since the 1970’s, has seen Iraq as its its lap dog, and when Saddam went crazy in 1990, it had become obvious that they were no longer interested in playing that role.
History, not the MSM or the blogoshpere, will determine whether the US invasion of Iraq was just. If Iraq over the next several years can develop a peaceful and functioning democracy, where people like Saddam can no longer gas Kurds or oppress the majority of his nation’s people, then I think the invasion is justified. If the US is forced to withdraw under domestic political pressure, and Iran annexes Iraq (as is expected), then the people of Iraq may still be better off than they were under Saddam.
I was touched by your story. I have many stories myself of unarmed Iraqi terps dragging wounded soldiers to safety, and IA’s and IP’s fighting as bravely for their country as the Americans did for their independence 200 years ago. If you think this extermination of a civilization, I wonder what you think of the World Wars. Millions upon millions died in those wars, and the American people, even after Pearl Harbor, still thought the US should stay out of it and make peace with the Japanese. Would the world be a better place of we had? You, my friend, would be speaking German right now if we had.
I will not argue whether we were right to invade or not, as I said that’s for history to judge. What I know is that we have to give the Iraqis every chance they have to establish their state, free of oppressive theocratic rule.
I know as a soldier you were traumatized by your experiences. We all were and are changed forever for what we saw and did. I can’t close my eyes at night without seeing terrible things that no person should ever have to see.
If you believe that the CIA could perpetrate an atrocity like 9/11 against its own people, then you’re obviously not open to reason. Americans could not do that to other Americans. Besides, there would have to be complicity at multiple levels of government between hundreds of people with 100% silence before during and after. Its not possible. I’ve been to the websites you mentioned. They are all about blaming the US and other easy targets to avoid naming the real enemy. Go to jihadwatch.com or thereligionofpeace.com or faithfreedom.org. They all offer different but complementing perspectives on the innate violence of Islam and Islam’s goal of world domination.
I will not compare the Bible to the Koran, nor Islam and Christianity. That’s not my purpose. Christianity is not intent on world domination, nor is Hindu or Buddhism. Islam is. Islam rejects all other belief systems and ‘secularism.’ Did you read about the Islamic Brotherhood? You can read their charter here:


This group has the attention of every national law enforcement agency in the world. Why? Because they advocate the spread of Islam with the eventual purpose of establishing Muslims theocratic rule over the earth. Every time you fill your tank up with gasoline, you support the Islamic Brotherhood. Look around you man. The Muslims looking to establish their own state on UK soil! There are autonomous Muslim enclaves in France! It’s already started! They have so much political clout they can force the Danish government to force a newspaper to apologize for comics! They can get Americans arrested for putting a book in a toilet! Not even native citizens in western countries have this power.

7. Kick the bastards out - September 10, 2007

The infidel parrot is a fucking idiot hatemonger using a known disinformation site like “frontpagemag.”

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