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Chechnya: Mass Graves and Organ Theft August 12, 2007

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Is this an act of terrorism…

Mass Graves

It is surprising that the world community has not paid as much attention to the ditches where lots of bodies are buried together as they do in other parts of the world when they were found out in Chechnya. The dead bodies of people who had been lost since the beginning of 2001 have started to emerge in mass graves and the world has started to question Russia about them, but the ‘inquisitive mind’ has again gone out of the cycle. 25th February 2001 is a very important date in that, it was the revelation of the first mass grave. 200 corpses mass grave is found in Khan-Kala where there is a Russian military base , near Grozny. The legs and arms of the bodies were tied up and they were blindfolded. Before they could recover from this shock the Chechen people faced the second mass grave of 50 people. There was even the dead body of a one-year-old baby in that in Roshni-Chu.

There were more to add to these which should be considered as crimes of war on 14th April, 2001 in a district of Grozny: Avtorkhanovsky, of three people, and on May 1st, 2001 in Dachni, Grozny with dead bodies all internal organs removed, and yet another one containing 35 people’s bodies on May 4th 2001 in Khan-Kala. On 5th May, 2001 when an explosion led to the death of two children at the entrance of a building used as headquarters this event revealed another mass grave of 70 people in the basement of that building. [read more]

So, what was the crime of these people…?



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