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Lebanese Christians turn backs on PM (support grows for Hezbollah) August 7, 2007

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But did you hear anything about in the western media?



August 7, 2007

JERUSALEM — The wobbly government of Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora took another body blow yesterday as the results of a crucial by-election bolstered the country’s Hezbollah-led opposition.

On the surface, the opposition simply won an extra seat in a dysfunctional parliament that hasn’t been able to meet for more than eight months. But the surprising victory of Camille Khoury, a candidate from General Michel Aoun’s Free Patriotic Movement, in a predominantly Christian riding in the mountains east of Beirut immediately makes the controversial Gen. Aoun the favourite to win a presidential election this fall.

It also allows the Shia Hezbollah to claim it has the support of the majority of the country’s Christians in its prolonged showdown with Mr.

Siniora and his Sunni-dominated government.

Supporters of Hezbollah and the Free Patriotic Movement have paralyzed the centre of Beirut since November with non-stop protests calling on Mr. Siniora and his government to resign. The by-election results stand as an apparent electoral endorsement of the controversial alliance between the Shia militia-cum-political party and the outspoken Christian general.

“Clearly, it swings the momentum toward Aoun and toward the opposition,” said Karim Makdissi, a professor of political science at the American University of Beirut. With the Shiites and Sunnis locked in a tense standoff, he said, the Christians could be the group that decides who prevails.

Lebanon has been coming apart at the seams since Hezbollah’s war with Israel last summer. Gen. Aoun and Hezbollah have accused Mr. Siniora’s government of treason for not doing enough to support the Islamic militants during the 34-day conflict. Mr. Siniora and his allies, meanwhile, have blamed Hezbollah for dragging the country into a war that cost 1,200 Lebanese lives and destroyed the country’s economy.

Mr. Khoury’s victory was astonishing given that he was running against Amin Gemayel, a former president and the senior Christian figure in Mr. Siniora’s governing coalition.

Mr. Gemayel is also the father of Pierre Gemayel, the former industry minister who was assassinated last fall. It was the younger Mr. Gemayel’s former parliamentary seat that the two men were contesting.

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I guess not, but why is such support growing for Hezbollah….picture speaks louder than words…….

Lebanon being raped by the west via Israel



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