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Terror and the media’s “useful idiots” July 5, 2007

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Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007

What is the media’s responsibility during a terror alert? Should it whip up fear to attract more readers, listeners and viewers? Should it exploit the incident to foment xenophobia, suspend civil liberties and seek revenge on ethnic groups vaguely linked to the incident? Should they assist the terrorists in creating mass panic?

Of course not. Yet this is just what the UK media – backed by police and politicians — appears to be doing in response to the terror scares in London and Glasgow.  [read more]



1. Ahmed Ismail - July 5, 2007

Dear brother,
Can you believe that that “Janice” says that the writer of both your blog and mine is the same person? She says that our ISP numbers are the same? That girl is in real trouble. I think she should see a shrink because her paranoia is making her see unreal things.

2. infidelkafirwatch - July 5, 2007

In one way brother its good news, because it just confirms that people in the UK (who have not been brain washed) are speak in one loud voice. Our one voice is making people like Janice go mental when we are highlighting true facts (which are available from public domain) which they over see.

The real scary thing, which Janice and alike cannot handle is the fact that its not just Muslim’s point out the facts but its also non-Muslims. Most of the information on my blog is obtained from non-Muslim sources, and this is what makes Janice and alike go insane.

Brother, one thing to remember is that we are not here to diss other religions as Allah (swt) clearly states not to do this in Qur’an and neither are we here to force something or anything upon others, but we are here to point out what is true and right, and educate people to look with their own eye’s and not with the eye’s of arrogance.

Janice and alike are arrogant people and to deal with them is to continue on point our true facts. When I come across people like Janice I always remember the following:

A tree which is crouched towards earth and seems to be bowing down is not bowing in regret or in shame but is loaded with fruit and is humble to what it has. A tree which is standing tall and reaching for the sky is the opposite with no fruit and nothing to share, totally empty. Janice and alike are like the second tree, standing tall and look down at others but in reality they have nothing on them apart from arrogance.

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