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Jancie Stupid American Woman (a local to my blog) July 3, 2007

Posted by infidelkafirwatch in Uncategorized.


1. janice - July 5, 2007

At least I came on T.V?

2. Ahmed Ismail - July 5, 2007

Wow, Janice, you`ve got the most childish brain. This is the dummiest comment ever. “At least I came on T.V.”
Well, congratulations, ma`am. The T.V. is so happy.
You are really showing how an idiot, brain-hollowed woman every time you post a comment.
A piece of advice, stop commenting because you`re just spamming others` blogs.

3. janice - July 7, 2007

Of course the jackass that runs this and ahmed’s blog changed my comments again.
That’s ok, I’ll say it again;
I’m 41 not 45 and that woman does look like me. I also asked if you and ahmed had a terrorist sleeper cell in my developement watching me.
Anyway, piss be upon ya’ll.

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