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Work in Progress: Formulating the Antidote to Sectarian Division and “Creative Destruction” July 2, 2007

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 It is well-known by now that nothing unfolding in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and now Palestine is happening by chance or as a result of decisions made on the fly. We know that the document “A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm” , which was prepared in 1996 for Benjamin Netanyahu, outlined some of the policies now being implemented by Usrael in Iraq and soon in Lebanon, Palestine and Syria, if given a chance.

Also the document by Oded Yinon “A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties”, published in 1982, was very explicit in formulating an essential element of the strategy being followed now:

“….The plan operates on two essential premises. To survive, Israel must 1) become an imperial regional power, and 2) must effect the division of the whole area into small states by the dissolution of all existing Arab states. Small here will depend on the ethnic or sectarian composition of each state. Consequently, the Zionist hope is that sectarian-based states become Israel’s satellites and, ironically, its source of moral legitimation.”

As an essential element of the resistance to such a scheme to fragment and to dominate the Arab and Muslim worlds, counter-strategies are needed. It is very disheartening to see the success of this Israeli strategy in Iraq where sectarian fires have been successfully lit. Whereas in 1920 all Iraqis, Sunni and Shiite, Arab and Kurd fought the British invaders, today they are more interested in fighting each other. This did not happen by itself; the sectarian fires were started and are kept going by the Usraeli occupation.

The Arab and Muslim Middle East has so many ethnic and religious groupings which have managed to co-exist and thrive together for centuries, before this plague of Zionism and neo-colonial Usraeli presence was visited upon it. As a part of counter strategies, we need to develop our own strategies that stress the elements of cohesiveness, the shared history, culture and future of all living in the region and who suffer and will be suffering as a result of Zio-American policies of forced disintegration.

This is a rich area for research and development, especially for sociologists, anthropologists, historians, religious scholars and various social scientists. I happen not to be in any one of these groups, but I realize the need for a comprehensive strategy that rises to the level of this challenge.

Therefore, I would like to elicit ideas from all of the visitors to this blog. Please contribute and share your thoughts in the comment section. I would like to incorporate these ideas in this work in progress. With your help and contribution this could become a worthwhile effort. I thank you in advance.  [source]



1. Ahmed Ismail - July 2, 2007

Zionists are the source of all these atrocities committed against innocents in the Arab world. They`re not gonna rest till they get their so-called Promised Land. And believe me, even if they get that land, it won`t be enough for them. But what I know is that they will never get what they want.

2. infidelkafirwatch - July 2, 2007

They think they are the best of planners, but for sure Allah (swt) is the best planner of all.

3. janice - July 3, 2007

muslims dwell in being the “perpetual victim” never trying to advance themselves. Violence and evil is inbreed in the islamic world. Building the ummah though violence and destruction.

Go ahead and twist the word like you’ve done in the past.

4. infidelkafirwatch - July 3, 2007

Janice, is the above another side to your evil character? People who will come to my blog will notice the trouble some flips between your mind state by the comments you have left here.

your write “…never trying to advance themselves…”, this is the biggest joke ever. You might want to try and read a little more history about Islam then what the American text books teach you. America has only been America no longer than 80 years where as Islam has been a successful way of life since 1400 years ago. You can’t even challenge the Holy Qur’an which again was revealed just over 1400 years ago. It really makes me laugh when ignorant and arrogant self-loving scalwags like you accuse the Muslims of being backwards when you really have not done enough research yourself.

With America around the entire world is the victim and not just Muslims. How do you sleep at night?

5. janice - July 3, 2007

You’re the one who is ignorant. If islam so advanced why must you cover your women from head to toe, you haven’t ever grasp the consept of male self-control.
We, America, will be celebrating our 231st birthday tomorrow, get you facts straight. And the koran is a bunch of quotes from a pedophile, epileptic nomad who thought he was demon possessed.

The Jewish faith has been around for 3000+ years and lays claim to the land given to us by G-d. One day the dome will be gone and the House Of G-d will dominate Jerusalem.

I know more about islam than you think, scalawag.

6. Ahmed Ismail - July 3, 2007

Janice, shut the hell up. Don`t you ever talk about prophet Muhammad like this anymore. Muslim males don`t cover women. Women cover themselves. Stop twisting the facts here. Women in Islam enjoy the freedom which no non-Muslim woman ever had. Of course, you will answer this by coming up with creepy untrue facts stuck in your mind by all the anti-Islamists and the western media which is, of course, run by Jews and Zionists. Janice, the word “Kafira” is the least that can describe you. Shame on you. May Allah damn you and everyone who degrades prophet Muhammad.
Just back off, Janice and I really hope that you burn in Hell.

7. Ahmed Ismail - July 3, 2007

Dear brother, I really wanna thank you for what you`re doing here on your blog. I noticed that you don`t post entries here very often but my advice is not to stop. Never stop dear brother. You`re doing a great job and I really wish you the best in all your endeavors.

8. infidelkafirwatch - July 3, 2007


Ha ha, you make me laugh. American might have been born 231 years ago but America has become America only after World War I and II. You get your facts right. Why would anyone want to see you (a 45 year old women walking around with no cloths on) not covered up, with blue veins showing all over you. Women’s beauty is only for their husbands and not for anyone else. Unlike you, you might share the Beauty with any male who crosses your path, whether it be, you son, brother, brother-in-law, father, or the dustbin man in the morning, it don’t make a difference to you, as you have no morals or a religion to guide you.

A society without religion is a society of animals.

you wrote: “….The Jewish faith has been around for 3000+ years and lays claim to the land given to us by G-d. One day the dome will be gone and the House Of G-d will dominate Jerusalem….”

Give your threats to someone else this don’t mean anything to me or any Muslims. Maybe you might want to read once again the history of Islam and more important its power and domination it has has had, has got and will continue to have.

Oh and just one more thing, sleep well as tomorrow Islam will be knocking on your door.

9. vinebranch - July 6, 2007

I had a very kind friend named Palestina Isa. She went by the name “Tina”. She did well in school, had friends, was very well liked. Then, one night while her mother held her down, her father stabbed her to death. The murder was caught on tape, and there was a trial. Yet, Tina’s sisters said Tina deserved to be killed. How can a religion condone such a thing?

I have a religion, one that I believe strongly about. It does not teach me to kill innocent people, or commit suicide. It teaches me modesty, temperance, self-control. It has been in existence before Islam. Instead of asking me to die; it’s Founder died for me. That religion is Christianity. Jesus was resurrected by God His Father. Jesus is kind, and never threatens women.

You have posted some things here that are offensive. You see, I am a Christian Zionist and I did not kill Jesus. Nor do I laugh at it.

I’m trusting you to be honorable and not change my wording or it’s meaning in this post. I want people to know not everyone is as you depict on this website, please.

10. Infidel Kafir Watch - July 13, 2007

So what you are saying Vinebranch is that no Christians (religious or not) no Jew’s (religious or not) ever murder people?

How do you explain this then (click the links below):



and I could go on and on….

Vinebranch, you argument is really weak, by just taking one example you automatically assumed this was the case in Islam.

You say you are a Christian Zionist (which is a dung made relationship) then can you explain the following:

Anti-Semitism was created by Christianity [3]

Click to list pages relevant to Judaism“Christianity created anti-semitism. All anti-semitism has been made possible because of the teachings of early and middle ages Christianity. In the early centuries the Roman Empire tolerated most religions including Judaism until Christianity took over; after which it became a monster and oppressor of any non-Christian belief systems. Anti-semitism has always been rife within Christianity, right from the original Church Fathers of the first century and many of the most influential Christian theologians wrote anti-Jewish tracts including Martin Luther. Muslim governments and people through the Middle Ages were more tolerant of beliefs, of science and knowledge, and of Jews, than Western Christianity. Cultures surrounding Western Christian countries were all more tolerant than those inflicted by Christianity. Anti-semitism marched in step with Christianity, was caused by Christian beliefs and was preached from the pulpit by the highest Christian leaders right on through to the twentieth century.

Muslims, pagans and Jews all had superior moral systems to the Christian intolerance and violence towards anything non-Christian. No other religion has displayed such immovable hatred towards another religion as Christianity did towards the Jews. No holy war has ever lasted so long and been so bloody as the one the Christians waged against innocent Jews. History provides us with only few occasions where Jews, or even Muslims or pagans, were as intolerant or morally corrupt as the West was under Christian rule. Thankfully modern Christianity, since it lost its power, is generally more humane. Christianity has slowly been forced to change its ways mostly due to pressure from increasingly powerful secular, poly-cultural governments and changing culture.”


Don’t worry and I know I wont loose sleep over what you wrote and I pray the same for you.

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