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THE LONDON ATTACKS – database of information July 1, 2007

Posted by infidelkafirwatch in Uncategorized.

The recent bombings in London have prompted me to create a database of information from various news sites. This page will be used for that collection at the present time. I do not believe these attacks were at all what the mainstream media and government officials want us to believe they were.  [read more]



1. janice - July 2, 2007

Hey, thanks for show this comment?
You’re free to comment over at my blog and I leave them up. So much for us Kafirs who just delete comments which we find hard to answer. Just like a muslim, we should learn and not continue being infidels. Sorry I won’t be racist or radical but will start to believe in Islam.
Thanks again, it’s a nice blog pointing out the truth.
I will be back, thanks for the opening my eye’s.

2. infidelkafirwatch - July 2, 2007


Not a problem, I’m glad you found my blog helpful (even though I know you will disagree later, even with your own comments posted here), typical infidel and kafir.

Do return.

3. janice - July 2, 2007

Nice work by adding my comments, fucking infidel jackass should convert like me especially HAWK!
I’m also so sorry for all the wrong things I said about Islam and Muslims, I’ve always been a trouble maker and I think that might have been the cause for my parents to break up. But I’ve realised how arrogant and dim-witted I’ve been about religion especially Islam. I keep saying one thing on my blog and another on yours but I hope people who read my comments (and visit my blog) can forgive me. Thanks once again Infidel Watcher your doing a good job.

4. infidelkafirwatch - July 2, 2007

Its a pleasure, I’m happy with your confession. I hope HAWK realises this too.

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