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‘Massive manhunt’ for UK “Muslim” (or Jewish) London bomber June 30, 2007

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Continuing the alleged war on terror and continuing the conspiracy against Islam and Muslims, British officials are again jumping to conclusions and already deciding that Muslims are linked to the latest two explosives-rigged cars.

Of course, they are not jumping to conclusions for somehow they will link it to Muslims, “the scapegoats” for their war on Islam. In the following article published at the (rawstory.com), it was said that the British government was shocked after knowing that the alleged perpetrators of the July 7, 2005 “suicide bombings” were born and bred in Britain. Well, I believe that the bombings were inside job, just like 9/11 in the U.S. but even, hypothetically, if they were done by British Muslims, instead of condemning a whole religion, they should look into the real reasons behind that action. Many Muslims are discriminated and humiliated in western countries. A new trend adopted by those countries lately. Even the higher-ups in those countries are nowadays condemning Islam and degrading Islam out loud. What do you expect Muslims will do about that? They will be emotionally disrupted because their home country is not accepting them just because of their faith, their religion.

Here is the article published at rawstory.com about the massive hunt for Muslims in U.K.:

British police hunted Saturday for the people behind failed attempts to carry out two car bombings in London’s nightclub district in what experts called Iraq-style attacks.[read more]

Or are they really Jewish Terrorist targeting the GAY PARADE?



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