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British MI5 Had Hand In Previous Car Bombings June 30, 2007

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Friday, June 29, 2007

Intelligence sources are refusing to rule out an Irish connection to a massive car bomb that was discovered in the heart of London this morning. Though at this early stage the facts are sketchy, any link to the IRA or its offshoots would re-open a can of worms concerning the MI5’s role in past terror attacks, and specifically car bombings, over the last few decades in Britain and Northern Ireland.

The timing of the attempted attack coincides with new Prime Minister Gordon Brown taking over from Tony Blair just yesterday.

“The threat of terror returned to London today after a large car bomb was found in the heart of the capital,” reports the Daily Mail.

“Bomb squad officers defused the ‘massive’ device after police investigated reports of a suspicious vehicle in the early hours.”

“According to an eyewitness the door staff at the nightclub Tiger, Tiger alerted police after the car, believed to be a silver Mercedes, was driven into bins last night and the driver ran off.”

“The witness said the car was being driven ‘erratically’ before the minor crash. The driver was not stopped.”

In any criminal investigation and in particular terrorism inquiry, it is paramount to look at who has the motive and history to carry out such an attack.

It is important to stress that not every terror attack is necessarily part of some elaborate scheme or conspiracy – indeed it is usually small scale incidents such as this that are the work of lone extremists or Islamic fundamentalists who hate the west, of which Britain is inundated with.

But as the facts emerge we would be foolish to overlook the fact that the British security services were intimately involved in numerous terror attacks in Britain over the past few decades, namely car bombings, that were blamed on the IRA or its offshoots. This is particularly relevant considering that officials have refused to rule out an Irish connection in this case. [read more]


Brown Sweeps In On Staged Terror June 30, 2007

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Saturday, June 30, 2007

The discovery of two unexploded car bombs in London and a bizarre incident today in which a flaming jeep was crashed at high speed into a terminal building at Glasgow Airport could herald a new wave of staged terror carefully timed to coincide with Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s installation at Number 10.

The hysteria reached new heights this afternoon when a Jeep Cherokee ploughed into a terminal building at Glasgow Airport before two Asian men on fire exited and were tackled by holidaymakers and police.

Despite the fact that in both this incident and yesterday’s events the cars involved were filled with nothing more deadly than gasoline, which is hardly a carnage-inducing explosive, the British government and the media have embarked upon a fresh assault of fearmongering and are hyping the inevitability that more attacks are imminent.

Gordon Brown has swept into Downing Street with the aid of a new injection of the strategy of tension.

In yesterday’s article, we underscored the history of car bombings in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland and how the fingerprints of the security services and MI5 were all over them in every case.

Whether recent events represent another round of staged terror attacks or are the sole work of Muslim extremists, the true culprits are the the government.

Under the active stewardship of Tony Blair, Britain has left itself wide open to the ravages of rampant and unchecked immigration and is now inundated with an army of radicalized and hate-filled Muslims that are routinely prodded and provoked as a result of Britain’s blind support for America’s military adventures.  [read more]

Who is behind the London bomb (terror) plot? Muslims or Jews? June 30, 2007

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Let me come straight to the point.  Did you know that few day’s ago in Jerusalem an Orthodox Jewish Terrorist was caught trying to blow up people at the GAY PARADE?  I guess not, well read this information on the following links:

Just in advance, no where in the news articles will you find what type of explosive deivce it was, why?  Don’t you think its important to know this information?  Or does the government and secret services fear a link between London bomb plot and Jerusalem might be found?

Ultra-Orthodox man caught with explosive device, but gays parade anyway

Jewish “bomber” seized before Jerusalem gay parade

The funny thing is that the news for this terror plot was down played by the media if not mentioned at all. Why?

The terror plot in London was intended (from the information out in public domain) for people attending the GAY PARADE.

‘Massive manhunt’ for UK “Muslim” (or Jewish) London bomber June 30, 2007

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Continuing the alleged war on terror and continuing the conspiracy against Islam and Muslims, British officials are again jumping to conclusions and already deciding that Muslims are linked to the latest two explosives-rigged cars.

Of course, they are not jumping to conclusions for somehow they will link it to Muslims, “the scapegoats” for their war on Islam. In the following article published at the (rawstory.com), it was said that the British government was shocked after knowing that the alleged perpetrators of the July 7, 2005 “suicide bombings” were born and bred in Britain. Well, I believe that the bombings were inside job, just like 9/11 in the U.S. but even, hypothetically, if they were done by British Muslims, instead of condemning a whole religion, they should look into the real reasons behind that action. Many Muslims are discriminated and humiliated in western countries. A new trend adopted by those countries lately. Even the higher-ups in those countries are nowadays condemning Islam and degrading Islam out loud. What do you expect Muslims will do about that? They will be emotionally disrupted because their home country is not accepting them just because of their faith, their religion.

Here is the article published at rawstory.com about the massive hunt for Muslims in U.K.:

British police hunted Saturday for the people behind failed attempts to carry out two car bombings in London’s nightclub district in what experts called Iraq-style attacks.[read more]

Or are they really Jewish Terrorist targeting the GAY PARADE?

Ultra-Orthodox man caught with explosive device, but gays parade anyway June 30, 2007

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Despite a last-minute effort to cancel the gay pride parade via a High Court petition, the parade in Jerusalem went ahead as planned, starting at 5 pm.

There were some rough protests, and 20 Orthodox demonstrators were arrested, some roughed up by police.

But the raucus demonstration didn’t stop the gay paraders from completing their brief walk through west Jerusalem, down King David Street to Liberty Bell Park.

Police arrested a 32-year-old ultra-Orthodox man who was planning to set off a homemade explosive devise to scare people away from attending Thursday’s scheduled gay pride parade in Jerusalem, said Jerusalem Police spokesman Shmuel Ben-Ruby.

The man, who was a resident of the ultra-Orthodox neighborhood of Mea She’arim, was arrested when Jerusalem police caught him with the device.

A group of 500 ultra-Orthodox men, settlers and rightwing activists demonstrated against the parade at the entrance of Jerusalem.

Earlier, protesters set fire to trash cans, disturbing traffic.

Jerusalem police have been preparing for the hotly protested parade, planning to send out 7,000 police officers to regulate the expected 5,000-strong crowd.

Israeli rescue services are also preparing for an “unprecedented operation.” According to a statement, they are preparing 200 medics, 45 ambulances, 11 mobile intensive care units as well as a field command center.

In a last-ditch effort to get the parade cancelled, two activists, Yaakov Sternberg and Itamar Ben-Gvir, petitioned the High Court of Justice Thursday to stop the parade on the charge that it would violate the city’s fire safety regulations due to a current firefighters’ strike.

The court was expected to ruled Thursday that the parade will be held as planned.

Jerusalem Police chief Cmdr. Ilan Franco told the court that the march could still proceed despite the firefighters’ strike because police had other means in case of an emergency.

According to prominent gay community leader and Jerusalem City Council member Saar Netanel, if the court does cancel the parade, it will be promptly rescheduled.

“I’m certain that the Israel Police will find a solution to the firefighters’ strike. It is in the police’s interest that the parade be held today as scheduled,” he said.

“The firefighters issue will not prevent the pride and tolerance parade from taking place.”  [read more]

Jewish “bomber” seized before Jerusalem gay parade June 30, 2007

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Israeli Police Detained an Orthodox Jewish Man Carrying a Small Homemade Bomb.

By Avida Landau
Jun 21, 2007

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israeli police detained an Orthodox Jewish man carrying a small homemade bomb in Jerusalem on Thursday, as thousands of Israelis marched in support of gay rights in defiance of religious protesters.

“Police stopped a 32-year-old religious Jew who was carrying a homemade explosive device,” police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said of the arrest before the annual Gay Pride march began.

About 7,000 police officers had deployed inside and around Jerusalem to protect the marchers — about 2,000 of them by police estimates — after threats from religious Jews, who take exception to the event being held in a city they hold sacred.

At a separate event some streets away, blocked behind police barriers, religious Jewish men in traditional black and white garb held a separate rally, intoning prayers against the march.

One man evaded police to approach marchers yelling: “Filth! Get out of Jerusalem!.” He was escorted away by police.

In 2005, an Orthodox Jew stabbed and wounded three marchers and fears of violence caused a march to be cancelled last year.

Among those walking the route under rainbow banners and balloons close to Jerusalem’s Old City, Judy Enteen, a mother from Jerusalem, held aloft a sign that read: “My gay son is a gift from God.”

“I want people to know that being gay is a gift,” she said.

Disputes over whether to hold the parade in the city have showcased one of many divides in Israeli society and raised questions about how to ensure the religious nature of Jerusalem, sacred to three major religions, is not compromised.

Many devout Jews, Muslims and Christians view homosexuality as an abomination. Most Jewish residents of Jerusalem are religious. A similar Gay Pride march in Israel’s secular metropolis Tel Aviv passed without incident earlier this month.

Noa Satat, chairwoman of Open House, the organization which fought a series of court challenges for the right to demonstrate, told Reuters: “We are thrilled to be here today, celebrating our freedom of speech in the centre of Jerusalem.”  [read more]

London Bombs Targetted Against Gays June 30, 2007

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Gay Bombs

A few days ago, an Orthodox Jewish suicide bomber was apprehended by Israeli officials before he had a chance to set off his bomb at the Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade (Orthodox Jews have a problem with gays). We didn’t hear a lot about this, as Jews are always supposed to be victims, and by definition can’t be terrorists. Had he succeeded, he no doubt would have been described as the victim, and an Arab body would have been chosen to be the terrorist. Then the usual typists would have written their opinion pieces wondering what is it in the ‘Arab mind’ that makes the Palestinians so prone to suicide bombing.

It is the gay press that has noticed that one of the latest London ‘bombs’ was on the route of the Gay Pride Parade, and the other parked nearby. The parade was scheduled for the day following the parking of the two cars (although the gay press is downplaying the obvious connection, presumably not to reduce attendance). The car on the route of the parade had been seen being driven ‘erratically’. presumably so it would be noticed (it actually drove into garbage bins in front of a busy nightclub), and had gasoline inside in full view (with labeled containers in case anyone was really slow). The shrapnel was spread on the floor, where it would have had no or little effect, and the police seem to be having difficulty describing the detonator, leading me to believe there wasn’t one. These weren’t bombs, they were warnings.

Needless to say, the cars were described as bombs placed by ‘al Qaeda’, before anyone could have determined who was responsible. I’d be looking for religious fundamentalists, most likely Christian, who have orientation issues (i. e., fear of catching ‘the gay’).


Nightclub warned of bomb plot a few days beforehand June 30, 2007

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From The Times (UK)

Yesterday a hunt began for the drivers of the two vehicles, and footage from dozens of CCTV cameras in the area between Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square was being examined. The discovery of the bombs confirmed the fears of counterterrorism chiefs, that al-Qaeda would bring Iraq-style tactics to Britain.

The drama came as it emerged that a 53-page document alerting businesses to the threat posed by VBIEDs — vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices — had been issued to police two weeks ago. It had been passed on to the Tiger Tiger club only a few days before yesterday’s events.

Exodus: What Really Happened June 30, 2007

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When the tale of Jewish illegal immigrants sailing for Palestine was turned into a bestselling book and film, it came to symbolise the birth of a nation. But was the story true? Sixty years on, Linda Grant separates fact from fiction

Saturday June 30, 2007

On the terrace of an Italian restaurant in a small town in central Israel, two men have had a good lunch and, over coffee, start to reminisce about events 60 years earlier. “Remember how we nearly missed the ship because I couldn’t find the ticket to get my cleaning out of the Chinese laundry?” one says. “And that trip we tried to take to Montreal until we got a message to go back to Baltimore?” says the other. The memories come flooding back: of the crew member who turned up at the pier in a chauffeur-driven limo, dressed in a captain’s suit; the ship’s chef who gave up a radio cookery show to join the voyage.

The other diners are oblivious to the identity of the frail old man who lights yet another cigarette and then fixes the listener, his friend Avi Livney, with piercing eyes. He is 83-year-old Ike Aronowitz, former captain of the illegal immigrant ship Exodus. Who would recognise him? He is known to the world in an entirely different incarnation: as the blond, blue-eyed Paul Newman, who played Aronowitz in Otto Preminger’s 1960 film Exodus, based on Leon Uris’s blockbuster novel of the same name.

Both film and book tell the story of the postwar illegal immigration ships bearing a human cargo of Holocaust survivors who tried to break the British blockade of Palestine in the last days of the Mandate. It was an incident that would become part of the founding mythology of Israel, legendary because the fictionalised account came to symbolise the birth of a nation and generated international sympathy and support. But it was a fairy tale. In Uris’s version, the Jewish refugees, stranded on Cyprus, are saved by a sympathetic British general who convinces the British government to allow the ship to land. In real life, the British army boarded, killed three people, loaded the passengers on to prison ships and took them back to Hamburg. When Uris was researching his novel in 1956, he interviewed Aronowitz, who was unimpressed by his credentials: “I told him: you’re a great writer of bestsellers, but for history you’re the wrong guy. He was very offended.”

Cameron: I’m a Zionist June 30, 2007

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I am a Zionist,” Conservative Party leader David Cameron told an audience of party supporters of Israel in London on Tuesday.

If what you mean by Zionist, is someone who believes that the Jews have a right to a homeland in Israel and a right to their country then, yes, I am a Zionist and I’m proud of the fact that Conservative politicians down the ages have played a huge role in helping to bring this about,” Cameron declared.

The Conservative leader was guest of honor at the Conservative Friends of Israel annual business lunch, which was attended by some 500 people – including half the parliamentary party, 30 Conservative parliamentary candidates, former leaders, lords and Israel’s ambassador.

I’d like to know philosophically why it is that Jewish aspirations of statehood are supported more than any other. You wouldn’t get Cameron saying he’s a Scottish nationalist, that he was a Kurd, or that he was with any other race or ethnic background with respect to their state aspirations. He certainly wouldn’t back them to establish an entity at the expense of people already living in a specific territory which had to be cleared in order to create an artificial population majority. Even the Balfour Declaration did not go as far as Cameron’s latest outburst.

Palestinian Loss of Land 1946 to 2000 June 17, 2007

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want more information click here

Rockets from Lebanon hit Israel June 17, 2007

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Israel has been hit by a rocket attack from Lebanon, officials say.

Two Katyusha rockets exploded near the northern Israeli border town of Kiryat Shmona. There were no casualties, but roads and vehicles were damaged.

Israeli and Lebanese security sources said they believed a Palestinian group had fired the rockets. Israel said it would not “succumb to provocation”.

The Lebanese group Hezbollah has denied any involvement in the attack. No-one has yet claimed responsibility for it.

It is the first time Israel has come under such an attack from Lebanon since last year’s conflict with Hezbollah.

‘Not drawn in’

The rockets came from the Lebanese village of Taibeh, 4km (2.5 miles) from the border with Israel, Lebanese television station LBC reported. One hit a factory, the other hit a car. [more]

Do we see another rape of Lebanon comingup?

Netanyahu Calls for Cutting Off Water, Electricity to Gaza June 17, 2007

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Benjamin Netanyahu, father of the “war on terror” doctine and a guy who likes to celebrate the bombing of the King David Hotel, has suggested genocidal measures of collective punishment as part of the solution for the current problem in Gaza.

Likud Chairman, Benjamin Netanyahu Calls on the Israeli Government to Cut Water and Electricity to the Gaza strip, a Violation of International Humanitarian Law

On Thursday, 17 May, former Israeli Prime Minister and present Chairman of the Likud Party, Binyamin Netanyahu, called on the Israeli government to impose a closure, and cut the supply of water and electricity to the Gaza Strip, an act that would be a grave and blatant breach of international humanitarian law, and considered a war
crime. [more]

This is no different from what the Jew’s went through in Europe with Germany.