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Mother trades baby for used car March 2, 2007

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A sign of the times . . .

Three people have been arrested in the state of Colorado because they put a baby boy as down-payment for a used car, media reported.

Mother Nicole Uribe-Lopez, 23, arrived in the States from Mexico to earn money for the children she left behind and offered her third child to Jose and Irene Lerma for sale. The woman wanted a USD 500 car payment and some more cash.

Uribe-Lopez is now accused of children trafficking and her ten-month-old baby has been placed with foster parents.

What a tragedy. Instead of offering this poor mother help raising her children they take her baby away from her – AND throw her in jail!

Granted, it was a ridiculously stupid thing to do. IF indeed, she did that.

But, why are there no details about what led this woman to do this?

And what about the baby? Doesn’t he have a say in whether or not he wants to be with his mother???

This world is insane – filled with one tragedy after another.

Why do Americans and Mexicans and everyone else in the world sit idly as we are all held hostage and driven to desperation by a handful of crooked bankers and savage industrialists???




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