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Suspect ‘did not wear veil’ March 3, 2007

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Suspect ‘did not wear veil’

I would like to repeat, that Suspect ‘did not wear veil’ and once again Suspect ‘did not wear veil’

There is no evidence to suggest a suspect wanted for the murder of Bradford PC Sharon Beshenivsky fled the country wearing a burka, according to Home Secretary John Reid.

It has been alleged that Mustaf Jamma posed as his sister, wore a veil and evaded airport checks before boarding a plane as he fled to his homeland, Somalia.
But when questioned over how this was allowed to happen, Dr Reid told Westminster journalists he had no evidence to suggest it did.
He said: “It is based on the premise that someone sneaked out of the country wearing a burka. I am not aware there is any evidence but I understand it is speculative rather than a factual thing.”
When questioned over how incidents like these may not re-occur, he defended the measures already in place.
He added: “When you say, it should not happen again, it should not happen now, there are already the powers to ask someone to show their face.
“I think we should wait until the facts come out in the case of Sharon Beshenivsky.”
Dr Reid stressed the introduction of biometric identity cards would stop any future problems.
In December two murderers in the case of PC Beshenivsky greeted their sentences with defiance as they were each jailed for a minimum of 35 years.
Muzzaker Imtiaz Shah, 25, made gangster rap-style hand gestures to relatives as he was led from the dock at Newcastle Crown Court.
And Yusuf Abdillh Jamma, 20, snarled and beat his chest as he was led from the dock.
Following the claims MPs and national newspapers called for the Government and airport bosses to ensure everyone entering and leaving the country can be fully identified – even if that means Muslim women removing veils. [source]



Hundreds call for investigation of Bush administration March 2, 2007

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 OLYMPIA, Wash. Hundreds of anti-war activists gathered in Olympia today to urge state lawmakers to support a resolution asking Congress to investigate the Bush administration’s handling of the Iraq war and possibly consider impeachment of the president and vice president.

Democratic Senator Eric Oemig of Kirkland, who sponsored the resolution, says it’s intended to push Congress to do a serious investigation.The Senate Committee on Government Operations and Elections also held a hearing today on another resolution asking the president and Congress not to escalate U-S involvement in Iraq. That measure is sponsored by Democratic Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles of Seattle.However, Republicans on the committee boycotted the hearing. Senate Minority Leader Mike Hewitt, a Republican from Walla Walla, issued a statement calling it a “partisan, political” display.And in the end, Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown said it’s unlikely the resolutions will move onto the Senate floor this session, because the hearing came after a key legislative cutoff deadline.  [source]

Racists jailed for murdering a Muslim March 2, 2007

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 ‘Violence on this scale is savage beyond belief’

Four white teenage thugs who violently battered to death a Muslim taxi driver from Huddersfield in a racially motivated attack were sentenced at Leeds Crown Court on Tuesday.

Mohammad Parvaiz, father of three, was mercilessly set upon by the quartet on July 22 this year when his skull was split open before being dragged out of the car and kicked to death.
19-year-olds, Christopher Murphy and Michael Hand, were given minimum jail terms of 25 and 21 years respectively.
Graeme Slavin, 18, and Steven Utley, 17, were sentenced to 17-years behind bars for their part in the attack.
Michael Beeby, 16, and Jason Harris, 17, were cleared of murder last month but convicted of violent disorder.
Beeby received a ten-month detention and training order and Harris received an eight-month detention and training order.  [read more]

Leaders Don’t Kill People… March 2, 2007

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If I have my facts straight, George W. Bush has never killed a single person in his life. All the torture and death that people attribute to him has been carried out by people who were “only following orders.”


Mother trades baby for used car March 2, 2007

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A sign of the times . . .

Three people have been arrested in the state of Colorado because they put a baby boy as down-payment for a used car, media reported.

Mother Nicole Uribe-Lopez, 23, arrived in the States from Mexico to earn money for the children she left behind and offered her third child to Jose and Irene Lerma for sale. The woman wanted a USD 500 car payment and some more cash.

Uribe-Lopez is now accused of children trafficking and her ten-month-old baby has been placed with foster parents.

What a tragedy. Instead of offering this poor mother help raising her children they take her baby away from her – AND throw her in jail!

Granted, it was a ridiculously stupid thing to do. IF indeed, she did that.

But, why are there no details about what led this woman to do this?

And what about the baby? Doesn’t he have a say in whether or not he wants to be with his mother???

This world is insane – filled with one tragedy after another.

Why do Americans and Mexicans and everyone else in the world sit idly as we are all held hostage and driven to desperation by a handful of crooked bankers and savage industrialists???


10 More Years of Guaranteed Servitude March 2, 2007

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It looks like this leech has to be surgically removed, if we want it to stop bleeding US.

US and Israeli officials opened talks Thursday on a new multi-year plan for US aid to the Jewish state, which could seek additional funds to meet evolving threats from Iran, Syria and Islamic militants.

The negotiations, announced jointly by the US State Department and Israel’s embassy, aim to replace a 10-year US aid program that runs out in 2008 and saw Israel maintain its position as the BIGGEST recipient of US assistance.

Under that plan, military aid to Israel rose from 1.8 billion dollars to 2.4 billion dollars per year, while civilian aid, which totaled 1.2 billion dollars in 1998, was phased out.

The US also provided a billion dollars in special military aid and NINE BILLION DOLLARS in loan guarantees in 2003.

The current talks will define “our NEXT 10-YEAR assistance relationship and Israels long-term economic and military security requirements,” the joint statement said.

The negotiations are led by Under Secretary of State Nicholas Burns for the United States and an Israeli team headed Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fischer and finance ministry official Yarom Ariav.

“The meeting today is another manifestation of the unshakable commitment by the United States to Israels security and a step towards fortifying and enhancing the strategic relationship between our two countries,” the statement said.

Israel was expected to seek a renewal of the multi-year assistance plan tailored to meet the new security threats and economic realities facing their country.

“There is a continuing discussion about the emerging threats and also the economic expectations over THE NEXT 10 YEARS — what Israel’s economic capabilities are in dealing with emerging threats,” one official said on condition of anonymity.

Danny Ayalon, who served as Israel’s ambassador to the United States until November, said Israel was hoping to seal a new 10-year deal before the end of President George W. Bush’s mandate in January, 2009.

“The political clock is right,” Ayalon told the Jerusalem Post newspaper, suggesting Israel should seek MORE than the current 2.4 billion dollars in annual aid to meet new threats posed by Iran’s long-range ballistic missiles or its uranium enrichment program[.]

That little lying weasel knows damn well that if they don’t secure a commitment now from the US government – they may never see one after Bush is gone.

The question is – what are you, as Americans, prepared to do to make sure that they don’t get it?

How much overtime are you prepared to work for these lying, thieving, murderous bastards?

How much is TOO MUCH, America?


Russia wants israel to join NPT March 2, 2007

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Brace yourself for a hailstorm of anti-Russian zionist propaganda . . .

“We believe that the practical implementation of a nuclear-free zone will become possible only when all countries in the region, INCLUDING ISRAEL, join the NPT and subject their activities to the control of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA),” Sergei Lavrov said in an interview with Syrian Arab News Agency, published Friday by the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Israel – join the NPT and open its nuclear facilities to inspection by the IAEA???

Not in his wildest dreams.

I am now CONVINCED that israel will remain a rogue state – separate and apart from the rest of humanity – until zionism ceases to exist.

The issue of nuclear arms has became topical in the Middle East ever since the United States began accusing Iran of pursuing a covert nuclear arms program and demanding that it cease its uranium enrichment activities, while Iran, which is an NPT signatory, has consistently maintained that it needs its nuclear program for its civilian energy needs.

Unlike Iran, Israel, a traditional ally of the United States in the region, has NOT SIGNED the NPT.

“Russia’s principled position – that Israel should join the NPT and all Arab countries should join the Chemical Weapons Convention – remains unchanged,” the Russian minister said.

Which is precisely why Russia is on the top of israel’s sh*t list.

In fact, israel is now accusing Russia of selling its most advanced anti-tank missiles to Syria.

Now, Russians have the nerve to suggest that israel join the NPT, like everyone else.

[read more]


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March 3, 2007 | By Sherwood Ross

Although the official 9/11 Commission Report(CR) said Vice President Richard Cheney did not arrive at the Presidential Emergency Operations Center(PEOC) under the White House until “shortly before 10 a.m.” that tragic day, Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta testified when he arrived in the room at 9:20 a.m. Cheney was already there. (CR published no testimony from Mineta.)

The timeline is important because if Cheney arrived at 10 a.m. it would have been about 20 minutes after the Pentagon was allegedly struck by a hijacked airplane at 9:38 a.m., too late for him to authorize the Air Force to shoot it down. Some 125 Pentagon employees perished in the attack.

Mineta testified “during the time that the airplane was coming in to the Pentagon, there was a young man who would come in and say to the Vice President, ‘the plane is 50 miles out, the plane is 30 miles out.’ And when it got to ‘the plane is 10 miles out,” the young man also said to the Vice President, ‘Do the orders still stand?’ And the Vice President…said, ‘Of course the orders still stand. Have you heard anything to the contrary?”

Since the airplane was not intercepted and destroyed, even though the vice president knew of it, “the orders” may have been to allow the plane to hit the Pentagon. All of this, and more, is contained in the March/April issue of “Tikkun” magazine, “a bimonthly Jewish critique of Politics, Culture & Society.” The piece was authored by Dr. David Ray Griffin, a principal debunker of the accepted 9/11 dogma, and published by Rabbi Michael Lerner on grounds, “if his view is true, the position he articulates would provide adequate grounds for impeachment of the president…”

In Griffin’s view, “the strike on the Pentagon was orchestrated by forces within our own government.” If he’s right, 9/11 was, indeed, the crime of the century, and what has been called a false flag operation involving the fabrication of evidence to make it appear the Taliban government of Afghanistan was complicit, paving the road for invasion.

To begin with, there’s even a question of whether American Airlines Flight 77 under control of Al-Qaeda hijacker Hani Hanjour struck the Pentagon. It would require, Griffin charges, not only outfoxing military radar for over an hour but the quite miraculous performance of descending 7,000 feet in two minutes while executing a 270-degree banked turn and bashing into the Pentagon without touching or damaging the lawn, a feat of aeronautical magic.

Griffin, a professor of philosophy and theology at Claremont Graduate University, Calif., says the impact of the strike, unlike those of the two planes that struck the Twin Towers, did not create a dectactable seismic signal. “Also, according to photographs and eywitnesses, the kind of damage and debris that would have been produced by the impact of a Boeing 757 was not evident in the aftermath of the strike on the Pentagon.”

Karen Kwiatkowski, then an Air Force Lieutenant Colonel employed at the Pentagon, writes of “a strange lack of visibile debris on the Pentagon lawn, where I stood only moments after the impact.” Another witness was CNN’s Jamie McIntyre, who reported live from the Pentagon that day: “The only pieces left that you can see are small enough that you pick up in your hand.” (How does that square with any photos you’ve ever seen of crashed airliners?)
Griffin also quotes retired pilot Ralph Omholt, discussing the photographic evidence, who said, “There is no hole big enough to swallow a 757… There is no viable evidence of burning jet fuel… The expected ‘crash’ damage doesn’t exist…Even the Pentagon lawn was undamaged!” So it may have been more than just a slip of the tongue when Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld blurted about the “missile” that hit the Pentagon.

The CR report alleged there was no warning of an unidentified aircraft heading to Washington until 9:36 a.m., only “one or two minutes” before the Pentagon was struck, yet Mineta said Cheney knew of it at least 10 minutes earlier, time to order an evacuation.
“By omitting Mineta’s testimony and stating that Cheney did not enter the PEOC until almost 10 a.m., the 9/11 Commission implied that Cheney could not have given a stand-down order to allow an aircraft to strike the Pentagon,” Griffin writes. [read more]