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Zionists – The New Mongol Hordes February 16, 2007

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In this fascinating piece, UK journalist, Dr. Shahid Qureshi, compares the Zionist invaders of Iraq to the Mongol hordes before them, who ended up triggering more than they expected from their wholesale slaughter of Muslims in the Middle East.

Writing around 1377 the celebrated historian Ibn Khaldun (1332 – 1406) noted that ‘the coming of the Mongols was, in fact a blessing for the [Muslim] world, because it gave them new strength and vigour at a time of weakness and thus enabled them to meet and overcome the great dangers that threatened them.’

This view of the destruction of Baghdad in 1258 by the Mongol army commanded by the Halgn Khan (1217-65), the cruel grandson of Gangaz Khan (1162-1227) is borne out by subsequent Muslim history. Within a century of the fall of Baghdad the large but weak Abbasid state was replaced by three powerful empires: the Safavi, the Ottoman, and the Indian Mughal. This transformation was achieved the unthinkable.

This transformation was achieved by the tremendous efforts by all sections of the Muslim society. Religious Scholars, historians, military generals, artisans, poets, scholars and scientists all contributed to achieve the unthinkable. This renewal produced the golden age of Islamic astronomy.



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