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When should the US withdraw from Iraq? February 16, 2007

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The third way out

There can only be one answer to the question of whether the United States should withdraw from Iraq: a loud and clear yes and as soon as possible. This illegitimate war on Iraq and its consequent occupation should never have happened.

The good news in this regard is that the call for a pullout is now not only a popular demand in Iraq and the Arab and Islamic world but also in the United States itself, according to public opinion polls. The failure of this war has now become apparent to everyone except the American administration. Any delay in dealing with this failure can only lead to the bloodshed of more innocent Iraqis and Americans.

But the option of a quick and sudden pullout without first properly organizing conditions in Iraq may not be realistic. It will not be easy for the US to admit to its failure and immediately withdraw or flee after all it has endured in the past three years in terms of the human, financial, political and moral costs that such an admission would have at international and regional levels. This is particularly true in terms of the United States’ credibility and international trust in its foreign policies, because an immediate pull-out would be seen as a military and political defeat of no less a magnitude than the Vietnam war. It would also be seen as a victory for America’s enemies. This is a real fear that has persuaded the American administration to resist that option.



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