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US ‘targets al-Qaeda’ in Somalia – credible intelligence February 16, 2007

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Oh and yeah, it’s the same credible intelligence which led to the invasion of Afghanistan, the same credible intelligence which led to the invasion of Iraq. The same credible intelligence which has created a holocaust in the Middle East where millions of people have either died as a result or been effected.

So the same credible intelligence forced them to attack Somalia where before now no one new if their were any Al-Qaeda members in Somalia, or is it just because they are Muslims which automatically qualify them as members of Al-Qaeda, since there no voice to reach the outside world.

Credible intelligence – don’t make me laugh.

US air strikes in Somalia are aimed at al-Qaeda leaders in the region, and based on “credible intelligence”, a Pentagon spokesman has said.

In its first official comment on the air strikes, the Pentagon said a raid was carried out on Sunday but declined to say if it had hit its target.

The air strikes are taking place days after the Union of Islamic Courts, which had taken control of much of central and southern Somalia during the past six months, was routed by soldiers from Ethiopia and Somalia’s government.

Latest reports from Mogadishu say unknown assailants have fired rocket propelled grenades at a building housing Ethiopian troops and Somali government forces.

Two explosions were heard, followed by a brief but heavy exchange of automatic gunfire. Read more



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