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US military braces for long haul in Iraq – until at least 2010 February 16, 2007

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PETER CAVE: The US military is bracing itself for what could be a very long engagement in Iraq, with plans being drawn up to keep American soldiers in the country until at least 2010.

The Army insists it’s simply preparing for all contingencies, but it underscores the increasing difficulties the US is facing in winning a conflict that’s more than three-and-half years old.

And it came as President George Bush once again vowed to stay the course in Iraq, while conceding he was prepared to alter strategy if the situation doesn’t improve.

Correspondent Michael Rowland reports from Washington.

MICHAEL ROWLAND: His administration may be grappling with the more immediate threat of a nuclear North Korea, but when Mr Bush fronted a White House media conference today, the war in Iraq formed a consistent theme.

As he’s now done on countless occasions, the President was forced to defend the war that’s now opposed by a significant majority of Americans.

GEORGE BUSH: Look, I fully understand the American people are seeing unspeakable violence on their TV screens. These are tough times in Iraq. The enemy’s doing everything within its power to destroy the Government and to drive us out of the Middle East, starting with driving us out of Iraq before the mission is done. The stakes are high. As a matter of fact, they couldn’t be higher.

MICHAEL ROWLAND: Aware of this several influential Republicans have gone public in recent days with their reservations about the way the war’s being fought.

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Some good news for the American soldiers in Iraq who are trying so hard to liberate Iraq from Iraq. Fools went into war based on false allegation which the world has seen with their own eyes, but the US fools (with a bloody nose) still want to liberate Iraq from Saddam and find WMD. Well the good news is that the US soldiers in Iraq won’t be returning home until a provisional date in 2010 and even that is not certain. Most of you are already suffering from mental illness but don’t worry your president will send the medication by first class signed for postal service. Just carry on what ever you are doing since Bush did declare major combat over a very long time ago so I assume you all are having a good time.

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