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Universities urged to spy on Muslims February 16, 2007

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Monday October 16, 2006

Lecturers and university staff across Britain are to be asked to spy on “Asian-looking” and Muslim students they suspect of involvement in Islamic extremism and supporting terrorist violence, the Guardian has learned.

They will be told to inform on students to special branch because the government believes campuses have become “fertile recruiting grounds” for extremists.

The Department for Education has drawn up a series of proposals which are to be sent to universities and other centres of higher education before the end of the year. The 18-page document acknowledges that universities will be anxious about passing information to special branch, for fear it amounts to “collaborating with the ‘secret police'”. It says there will be “concerns about police targeting certain sections of the student population (eg Muslims)”.

The proposals are likely to cause anxiety among academics, and provoke anger from British Muslim groups at a time when ministers are at the focus of rows over issues such as the wearing of the veil and forcing Islamic schools to accept pupils from other faiths.

What next, refuse all Muslim application for a place at University unless they denounce Islam or start binge drinking like all other infidel and kafir university students?

..and just to add, not long ago Mail on Sunday offered to reward and add students to their payroll to spy on Muslim students. If you were really struggling financially at university or college then you can make up some news to get rewarded by the Mail on Sunday. Don’t believe me then read it for your self:

Mail on Sunday offers bribes to spy on Muslim students
10th March, 2006

The Mail on Sunday has attracted a torrent of criticism for reportedly offering bribes to students to go undercover and report back from Muslim student societies.

Emails and conversations exposed by the London Student show the Sunday paper promised cash to student journalists to pose as Muslims and see if any radical organisations were recruiting on campus through student bodies.

An email from a junior reporter read: ‘What the editor wants is to pay student reporters to go undercover to one or two meetings of various societies. The reporters would be paid �100 per meeting but IF something came up that turned into a story obviously they would be paid a lot more.’

The Union of London Universities is considering banning sales of sister paper the Daily Mail from its shops in protest at the newspaper’s tactics. ULU shops, which are closed on Sunday, do not sell the Mail on Sunday.

Its vice-president Sam Thomas told London Student: “I am disgusted at the thought of a national newspaper abusing students� freedom through such tactics. These allegations must be thoroughly investigated. If found to be accurate, we will be forced to consider whether the Daily Mail has any place in ULU�s shops.”

Since the London bombings last year, tackling extremism on university campuses has risen sharply up the government agenda.

A dossier leaked to the Sunday Times a week after 7/7 indicated that Al-Qaeda was secretly recruiting affluent, middle-class Muslims in British universities and colleges to carry out terrorist attacks in the UK.

It stated that most recruits tend to be loners “attracted to university clubs based on ethnicity or religion” because of “disillusionment with their current existence”.

A Guardian report, also in July last year, revealed new research that linked 14 cases of known terrorism to activities on British campuses.

However, there are still concerns that clamping down on extremism will mean a restriction on freedom of speech of students and adding to the state of paranoia regarding British Muslims.

The NUS president Kat Fletcher yesterday condemned the newspaper’s approach to Islamic extremism. She said in a statement: “That the journalist has been forced to resort to this type of low tactic, clearly illustrates that the hysteria surrounding extremism on campus has little basis in reality and no concrete evidence to back it up.”

She added: “This kind of sensationalist journalism contributes nothing to the serious debate about combating terrorism. Instead, it is encouraging discrimination towards certain religious groups and students on campus by playing on fears.

“It is also putting Muslim students at risk by inflaming a climate of racism, fear and hostility, and placing a cloud over perfectly legitimate student Islamic societies.”

London Student is the fortnightly paper for the 120,000 students of the University of London, and is available in campuses across the university.

..and once again what left?



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