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The Zionist Destruction of Christian Bethlehem February 16, 2007

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Ancient Christian churches in Bethlehem damaged in Israeli attacks (right) Christians searching for their dead relatives killed in Israeli attacks.

The following excerpts (and link to the entire story that appeared in the San Diego Union Tribune) show once again how Israel terribly harms the once vibrant Christian community in Palestine. Jewish extremists are wiping out the once dominant Christian Palestinian community in the birthplace of Jesus Christ. It is a sick, sick state of affairs in Christendom when some so-called Christian evangelists in America support the viciously anti-Christian Judaic religion and the Zionist State that oppresses, murders, and tortures tens of thousands of our fellow Christians in the Holy Land. –David Duke

Published on Saturday, December 30, 2006 by the San Diego Union Tribune (California)
Not the Bethlehem of Our Thoughts
by Leila Sansour

Christmas in Bethlehem this year was the most difficult in memory. This reality probably wouldn’t surprise most Americans who have a general sense of Middle East conflict. However, a survey we commissioned reveals that Americans are ignorant of many other basic facts about Bethlehem. Most Americans cannot identify our town’s location, its inhabitants, or the cause of Bethlehem’s demise according to most of its residents, Israeli military occupation.
Most Americans believe Bethlehem is an Israeli town inhabited by a mixture of Jews and Muslims, according to a nationwide survey by top U.S. pollsters Zogby International. Largely unaware of Bethlehem’s historic community of Palestinian Christians, only 15 percent of Americans realize that Bethlehem is a Palestinian city with a mixed Christian-Muslim community, lying in the occupied West Bank.

The Christians of the Holy Land are known as the Fifth Gospel or The Living Stones of the Church because Christ was born into our community and took his disciples from among our ancestors. Tragically, our community in Bethlehem may not survive another two generations if trends noted in a 2004 United Nations report on Christianity in Bethlehem continue.

Bethlehem has survived because it has remained open to the world, offering hospitality to pilgrims for centuries. This openness is threatened by the Israeli-built concrete wall and electric fences that encircle Bethlehem.

The wall is being built around Bethlehem’s urban core, though at the closet point Bethlehem sits one mile from the Green Line, Israel’s pre-1967 border with the West Bank. The wall separates Bethlehem from neighboring villages and threatens to cut off 70 percent of Bethlehem’s land, thus facilitating the expansion of Israel’s illegal West Bank settlements. read more



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