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The Education system – Pupil ‘filmed sex with teacher’ February 16, 2007

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So whose fault is it, the students or the teachers? Teaching student of any age comes with moral responsibility. But it seems that the moral responsibility in British education system is missing. Corrupt teachers instead of setting good example and being positive role models are exploiting the younger generation and encouraging practices which are opposite of good society. This is the problem with the Kafir and Infidel system where such practices are well-known amongst the education system but little is done to prevent such evil in the society. This is one of the reasons why Muslims can argue that wearing the veil in front of men (who are not relatives) can protect the society from such evil.

An affair between a teacher and a pupil was uncovered when the boy’s parents saw incriminating video footage on his mobile phone, a court has been told.
Birmingham drama teacher Rebecca Poole allegedly had sex with the 15-year-old in her car on up to seven occasions.
Prosecutors said the boy filmed a further sex act “for posterity or for bragging rights”.
Ms Poole, of May Lane, Hollywood, denies three counts of sexual activity with a child. read more



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