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Straw called on for a public debate February 16, 2007

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Let’s see how Straw will react to this debate? I predict that there will be another smoke screen pushed into debate to avoid this debate.

A campaign group championing the right to wear the hijab has openly challenged Jack Straw to a public debate following his controversial opinions on the veil which has since seen a serious nationwide backlash against veiled women.

Protect-Hijab’s announcement was made in an attempt to create a platform for Muslim women to challenge Straw’s views and hope it would quell the number of verbal and physical attacks witnessed against them since the debate kicked off.

Following Straw’s comments last month that the veil was “a visible statement of separation and of difference” and his allusion that removing it would better “relations between the two communities”, the opposite has apparently transpired.

The Independent reported a string of Islamophobic incidents across the country including women having their hijab (headscarf) and niqab (veil) torn off in physical attacks as well as suffering verbal abuse.

The debate has received full backing from Britain’s leading Muslim organisations including British Muslim Initiative, Federation of Student Islamic Societies, Muslim Association of Britain, and Muslim Women’s Society. read more



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