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Shock over anti-Muslim graffiti February 16, 2007

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A Teesside family have returned from holiday to find their house daubed with anti-Muslim graffiti.

The Joacph family home and its neighbouring garage, in the Saltersgill area of Middlesbrough, were covered with messages.

These claimed that the family were terrorists, and also called for the killing of Muslims.

The Joacphs, who are practising Roman Catholics, say they are devastated by the incident.

Originally from India, they have lived in the area for three years.

Cleveland Police said such behaviour would not be tolerated, and an investigation was under way.

The council has been asked to remove the graffiti. source

So here we have uneducated infidels and kafirs who fail to tell the difference amongst their own from Muslims. This is the so called integration which the British government has been talking about. Such graffiti is only going to happen where there are the white ghettos in England who don’t tolerate Asian let alone Muslims.

Racism has no excuse or room in Islam but in the British society it is common, and this incident is just one example.



1. Pilgrim - March 11, 2009

“Racism has no excuse or room in Islam” you say!

However, you use terms like “kaffir” a clearly racist and derogatory term. 1-0 to me I think.

Have a very nice day

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