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Shilpa Shetty & Jade Goody (or Jade Bady) February 16, 2007

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Gosh, what is our British society coming to or turning into?

Firstly I think Jade Goody should change her surname to Bady (Jade Bady), this suits her more.

I’m honestly scared to think that Jade represents a typical British person (as some blogs and news mediums have claimed). I had to copy and paste this almost perfect analysis from another blog member:

It seems to be my week for being upset by television programmes. This week I have watched a number of episodes of Celebrity Big Brother and have felt a growing sense of shame at the way one of the contestants, a Bollywood actress called Shilpa Shetty, has been treated.

Cases involving bullying and racial harassment make up a large proportion of my professional practice but, for the most part I have only ever experienced it second hand – via witness statements and oral testimony. To actually see it happen on television in front of my eyes has been astonishing and revolting in equal measure. In tonight’s episode Shetty commented that she was representing her country, India and that if those tormenting her represented the modern UK she was appalled. I agree with her entirely.

The ringleader, Jade Goody, standing in as the representative of a country once famed for its restraint and manners seems to find it impossible to grasp three basic principles of interaction:

(1) If you happen to be a slack-jawed harridan with the intellect of a biro and find yourself standing next to a foreign national who handles herself with dignity (and who has an English vocabulary that dwarfs your own), the fact that you feel insecure is not their fault. People aren’t intelligent for the sole purpose of making you look stupid. Standing next to a bottle of Toilet Duck would make you look stupid.

(2) You are right that it is wrong to speak ill of people behind their back. However, that does not mean that moral virtue is to be found in shouting abuse at them whilst congratulating yourself on your “honesty”. The better course is not to speak ill of people. But lest you think this all sounds a little self-righteous may I, in a gesture of meeting you halfway, point out what a repellent vacuous little twat you have come across as.

(3) Shouting so loudly that the other person cannot get a word in does not make you a successful debater. The aim is persuade not to deafen and degrade.

A masterly performance from the Danielle, a former beauty queen, who opined that Shilp Shetty should “go home”. When asked what she meant, her luminous intellect fizzed into action:

“Er … I don’t know .. but …er .. I did not mean she should go home.”



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