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Secular hysteria against headscarf in Turkey February 16, 2007

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Thank god, read on:

It is a snapshot of modern Turkey: two girls walking arm-in-arm along Istiklal Street in Istanbul, one dressed in a long skirt and headscarf, the other in a tight-fitting top, hair flowing freely.

But enter any university here – state or private – and there will not be a headscarf in sight.

No female MP covers her head in parliament and women who do wear the headscarf were deliberately left off the guest list for this year’s Republic Day reception at the presidential palace in Ankara.

Mainly Muslim Turkey was founded as a strictly secular republic. The right of women to wear the Islamic headscarf is at the heart of a fierce debate.

That debate has intensified since the current government came to power, formed from a party – the AKP – with roots in political Islam.

“If the prime minister has changed his views, why does his wife still wear the symbol of political Islam on her head?” asks newspaper columnist Leyla Pavsanoglu, her own dark blonde bob carefully coiffured.

Like many staunch defenders of secularism, she is convinced the government has an Islamic agenda.

“They say they want to turn to the West, but what kind of Western style is that? It is very obvious they are trying to hide their real intentions.” read more



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