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No walking away from Iraq – OR – Not admitting “we really messed up” February 16, 2007

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Let me correct Tony Blair, The British forces are not walking away but rather pushed away from Iraq and Afghanistan. Although the bias media (in the west) does its up most to manipulate news about the illegal war in Afghanistan and Iraq they still seem to do a very bad job in painting the picture of British forces winning this war (which in fact they had lost the minute they started the war).

Tony Blair is absolutely correct when he says British forces will not “walk away” from Iraq or Afghanistan” because if they do then the world will know that British soldiers got their ass kicked and were forced to quit the war in Afghanistan and Iraq. If this was not the case then why else would top UK general’s publicly call for troops in Iraq and Afghanistan to immediately return home?

Tony Blair’s facial expressions said it all today in the news conference.

No walking away from Iraq – Blair

British forces will not “walk away” from Iraq or Afghanistan until their job there is done, Tony Blair has said.

To pull out would leave enemies and extremists “heartened and emboldened”, he told his monthly press conference.

British army chief General Sir Richard Dannatt has warned that UK troops “exacerbated” Iraq’s security problems and should withdraw “sometime soon”.

But Mr Blair said that the general was not calling for the immediate withdrawal of British troops from Iraq.

“Of course, it is the case that for some of those areas in Iraq, particularly where the Iraqi forces now want to take control of those areas, it is important that we don’t overstay the time that we need to be there,” he said. read more



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