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NEW YEAR with US suffering 3000th soldier deaths February 16, 2007

Posted by infidelkafirwatch in Uncategorized.

Welcome come to the NEW YEAR with US suffering 3000th soldier deaths.

Since 2003 invasion of Iraq, the toppling of Saddam Hussein and his recent execution should theoretically make the world a safer place fulfilling the promises the US and UK made to the world. Is 3 years not enough or do they require more years?

Or was the capture and execution of Saddam yet another illusion and another sign of catastrophic disaster the world has ever seen. I wonder how much more US lead disasters we will see in 2007.

It is true that a bully (Saddam) always meets a bigger bully then him self (US), so if Saddam was executed I wonder what type of execution the US will face when they meet a bully bigger than them selves.

God save the world from the top international terrorists the US.



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