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New Intolerance: America is a land of equality and tolerance? February 16, 2007

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Yeah right!

In public elementary schools across the nation, students are taught that America is a land of equality and tolerance. We are all created equal, and we should treat each other with dignity and respect, regardless of race, gender or religion.

However, it appears that some of us have forgotten these grammar school lessons. We have turned our fear of living in a post-9/11 society into intolerance towards Arabs and Muslims. A poll done earlier this year by the Washington Post and ABC News found that 46 percent of Americans think poorly of Islam today, along with 33 percent that believe Islam helps to cause violence against non-Muslims. A more recent USA Today/Gallup poll found that nearly 40 percent of Americans admit to feeling at least some prejudice against Muslims and 22 percent wouldn’t want to have Muslims as their neighbors. Is this what tolerance passes for in a post-9/11 society?

The article report further concludes that:

What we are seeing here is an epidemic of prejudice and hatred towards Arabs and Muslims. With no denouncement of these words or actions from either side of the aisle, it appears that our society has deemed it tolerable to hate Arabs and Muslims simply for their ethnicity and religion. Yes, Al-Qaeda is a terrorist organization, and Osama bin Laden can certainly be considered a violent fanatic. But we cannot blame the actions of individuals on an entire group of people. Arabs and Muslims are not to blame for what happened to our country on September 11th. We can no longer couch our own prejudices under the guise of patriotism. source

This article must hurt the Infidels and Kafirs..



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