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Another barking dog

MUSLIM women who cover their faces with veils can be “frightening and intimidating”, says Britain’s Race Minister Phil Woolas.

Mr Woolas has raised the stakes with a warning that Muslim veils could increase racial tensions in Britain.

The minister, who has a large Muslim population in his Oldham constituency, backs Mr Straw for starting a national debate. But he warns Muslims must do more to avoid alienating people of other races and faiths.

Writing in the Sunday Mirror today, he says: “Muslim women have every right to wear a veil covering their face. But they must realise that other people who don’t understand their culture can find it frightening and intimidating.”

Mr Woolas also warns that failing to ease racial tensions will serve only to drive voters towards extremist politics.

He is meeting Muslim leaders to find ways to bring communities together.

Mr Woolas’ intervention comes after a furore erupted last week when Cabinet Minister Jack Straw revealed he asks Muslim women to remove their veils when they visit his constituency office. Mr Straw’s remarks sparked an angry reaction from Muslim leaders and only lukewarm support from Downing Street.

One leading Muslim blamed Mr Straw’s comments for an attack in Liverpool in which a woman’s veil was torn from her face by a man shouting racist abuse.

The Sunday Mirror can also reveal that security has been tightened around Mr Straw amid fears he is a prime target for Muslim fanatics. Security was beefed up before he made his comments, after details emerged of a plot to kill him.

One senior Government source said: “Apart from the PM, Jack Straw is one of the main terrorist targets.”

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Here we have a situation where more than three quarter of people around the UK have never met let alone spoken to a Muslim woman wearing the veil and yet they call for it to be banned. So we get this situation where all the racists and anti-Islamic people rallying around having their say and the bias media recording their every move to being out on the public domain the direct attack on Islam.



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