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Muslim man killed February 16, 2007

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Many Infidels and Kafirs around the world tend to forget that its actions like this which create hatred and abhorrence which tend to stir up communities giving ammunition to those hate-mongering people who use such incidents to demonise the peaceful religion of Islam.

Read on..

A man has been shot dead right outside his apartment in the southern town of Kislovodsk in Russia. The attack is thought to be a racial one against Muslims.

The Muslim cleric was in the doorway of his apartment before the gunmen murdered him. The Muslim cleric was an imam of a mosque.

The assailants were fleeing the scene when they clashed with and wounded a police officer on the streets.

Racial tensions in numerous parts of Russia have become common and are concerning authorities, stressed by the increase in racially motivated attacks.

The assailants were christian extremists who constantly monitor the Muslim population in the region. Kislovodsk has an extreme Russian nationalist Christian community who are closely watching the the growth of Muslims in the town. They have become concerned with the increasing presence of Islam in Russia, especially in Kislovodsk.

According to Russian consensus, ten percent of the Russian population will be Muslim in the next 15 years. That is a drastic leap of fifty percent. Source

Had a non-Muslim religious leader been shot dead outside on his door step, I wonder how the world would have reported this news; no doubt it would have been breaking news.



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