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Met chief orders inquiry into Muslim PC Israli embassy row February 16, 2007

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The Bias media are bending over backwards to whip up yet another anti-Islamic attitude and sentiment relating to the Alexander Omar Basha. In case you have not read or heard the latest news, Mr Basha is a Muslim police officer who had been guarding the Israeli embassy in London who asked to be transferred to another post during the Israel’s terrorising war against Lebanon, where he has relatives.

Peter Herbert another member of the Metropolitan Police Authority has described the row as a “ridiculous fuss about nothing”, in which he further stated, “From a security point of view the Met would be seriously criticised if this guy has relatives in Lebanon and his picture was used around the world to demonstrate the irony about having a Muslim defending the Israeli embassy in the UK.”

Glen Smyth, chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation, which represents rank-and-file officers, said just one two-hour slot outside the embassy had been affected. The officer had not refused to do duties and had made a simple request which it was “fairly sensible” to grant, Mr Smyth said. more can be found here

Tory member of the London Assembly, but we note that Richard Barnes blames senior officers rather than PC Basha. He said: “I think it was crass management in the first place. They should have recognised there could have been a problem and not suggested this officer be posted at this embassy.” more can be found here

How would a Jewish Police Officer like to patrol an Iranian embassy in the UK (if an Iranian embassy existed in the UK)? I’m sure this would be fun!

I think it would have been better appreciated if Sir Ian Blair had responded in the same manor on the aftermath of 7/7 and had ordered an “Urgent inquiry” or in the case of the Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes. But he rather show how concerned he is in this nothing but small matter which has only become an issues since it’s a Muslim involved and after all its to contribute to the Anti-Islamic sentiment and maybe a pat on the back from Tony Blair.



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