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Jade Goody and her evil sisters with their racism against Shilpa February 16, 2007

Posted by infidelkafirwatch in Uncategorized.

Watch and make up your own mind?

Racist Jade Bady with her evil racist bimbo sisters show how their represent Britain. Truly this is not just in Big Brother but its almost everywhere in Britain where such people exit. The difference is in reality you wont get to see this as you would on Big Brother. But you all have seen it for your self, so make up your own mind.

To me Shilpa who mother language is not English clearly outclasses the dumb British Big Brother bimbos as you can see from this clip.

All respect goes out to Shilpa who has clearly demonstrated that she has come from a educated and well established culture in Asia. You put Jade (and bimbos) like people to shame.



1. john smith - February 21, 2009

if you guys don`t like it then there is plenty of room for you in pakistan/india.

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