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Jack Straw has unleashed a storm of prejudice and intensified division February 16, 2007

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Singling out women who wear the niqab as an obstacle to the social integration of Muslims is absurd and dangerous

It’s been quite extraordinary: one man’s emotional response to the niqab – the Muslim veil that covers all but the eyes – has snowballed into a perceived titanic clash of cultures in which commentators pompously pronounce on how Muslims are “rejecting the values of liberal democracy”.

Jack Straw feels uncomfortable and within a matter of hours, his discomfort is calibrated on news bulletins and websites in terms of an inquisitorial demand: do Muslims in this country want to integrate? How does Straw’s “I feel …” spin so rapidly into such grandstanding?

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The confusions and sleights of hand are legion, and it’s hard to know where to start to unpick this holy mess. Let’s begin with its holiness, because this is an element which has been absent from the furore. There are two distinct patterns of niqab-wearing in this country. One group wears the niqab by cultural tradition. Often they are relatively recent migrants, from Somalia or Yemen for example, and for the record it is not a “symbol of oppression” but a symbol of status. read more

On the same website a member contributes his comments and it does highlight some good issues and points. Only if more people could see it like this contributor does the world (or the UK) would be a better place:

Yes the reaction has been ugly, and obviously that was the intention of Jack Straw. He shouldn’t be asking women to take of their veils because he feels uncomfortable, his job is to serve all the people in his constituency – however it is that they feel comfortable.

On the issue of comfort, the point is – when exercising individual rights, wearing what is comfortable is entirely right.

Demanding someone else take off items of clothes, is an abuse of that persons right, not an exercise of you own right because no one can dictate what others wear. In this context, dictating to other people based on your own comfort is an abuse of other peoples rights.

If someone demanded you take of your sunglasses at a shope because they make people uncomfortable, what would you think? Two letter expletive? I dont care if it makes you uncomfortable, if I want to wear it I will? And you would be entirely justified because other people cant dictate what you wear even if they do feel uncomfortable.

But then this has never been about rights or wrongs, it has indeed been UGLY, seeing the UGLY face of the hidden racism, and muslim hatred lying below the false smiles and stiffly straight faces expressing polite but short conversation with muslims. You all know what I am talking about, the conversations and mocking references and B**** when no muslims are around.

The UK cannot claim to be a tolerant country that defends the rights of minorities anymore, not when its own politicians abuse its minorities in such shameful stirring up of hatred and misrepresentation of muslims.

The next time UK politicians criticise another country about the rights of its minorities everyone should just laff, and they should be shown where the door is. On the back of the supporting the disproportionate carpet bombing of Lebanon and seige of its ports, after Iraq and Afghanistan, the UK has no credibility left at all in the World. Its the same group of politicians that are destroying the UK’s reputation, and its history of being a peaceful measured society, that treats its minorities in an intelligent measured way.

The USA, with its history of slavery, segregation, and prepetual racial discrimination I would expect this to be the norm. How has this been imported to the UK? The NAZICONS.

It is apparent that decency has gone out of the window, and the killing frenzy generated by the Iraq and Afghan war, and the current immoral UGLY politicians has corrupted the moral fibre of Britain.

IT IS LOST. That is the greatest tragedy of all, because the liberties, and moral bearing, the tolerance and ability to coopt other cultures has been the highest point of british society, and something people have given their lives to achieve in the past. Slowly it is being chipped away, by Blair, by Straw, by Blunket, and now by Reid. Do they even realise what they are destroying in their thirst to whip up fear for political gain and power? Does anyone?



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