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It’s selfish to wear the veil, says Straw aide February 16, 2007

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How embarrassing for Jack Straw and the racist people of England. A Nun holds up a hijab in protest along side Muslims women at the Hijab protest day and guess what no media coverage. Shame on England who fail to adopt their own religion which demands women to cover up and yet the arrogant English fools want to attack Islam since Muslims have the better connection in both worlds (materialistic and Islamic).

The Government was plunged into disarray as a senior Minister accused Muslim women of being ‘selfish’ by refusing to stop wearing veils.

Amid growing signs that the controversy is causing civil disorder, Commons Leader Jack Straw’s deputy Nigel Griffiths claimed that women who cover their faces in public are ignoring the feelings of others.

But a Government split emerged as Mr Griffiths was attacked by Race Relations Minister Phil Woolas who said: “In all honesty, I don’t think these women are being selfish.” Mr Woolas said outspoken comments by figures such as Mr Straw had provoked a dangerous backlash, with worried Muslims in other countries contacting British relatives and asking if they were safe from ‘persecution’.

The row came as a 49-year-old mother’s veil was torn from her at a bus stop in Liverpool. Her daughter Ilham Ali said: “The man was shouting, “Pull that scarf off your head, you Muslim”. I’m 100 per cent certain the racist attack on my mum was a direct result of the comments Jack Straw made.”

Seventy people from the Stop The War Coalition, including 20 women in veils, staged a protest against Mr Straw in his Blackburn constituency. But he stood by his claim that veils were a ‘visible statement of separation and difference’ and harmed community relations.

Mr Griffiths went a step further, saying: “It’s all very well for Muslim women to say that they feel comfortable wearing the veil but it is important that other people feel comfortable, too.

“The fact is that the veil does not make other people feel comfortable. In that way it could be said that they are being selfish. We live in a society where we applaud people for thinking about other people’s feelings.

A read adds his comments which relate heavily to the ban of Hijab on the same website where the article was posted. He writes:

Based on this, should we now ban all women from wearing low cut neck lines and exposing parts of their breasts as this can make certain individuals uncomfortable?

Based on this, should we ban all Transvestites from dressing differently to their original sex as people may know that they are not the sex that they make out that they are and feel uncomfortable with this.

Based on this should we now ban Society from dressing a certain way because it may offend others?

We can go on and on about this subject, the bottom line is that in this Democratic Society, we offer freedom of religious beliefs, expressing ones self, whether that be through fashion etc, raising this issue is contradicting the core of this ideology

We are all unique individuals, we come from different cultures but we have to be tolerent to one another and have been doing so for many years.

Where do we stop?
When we have asked the Muslim Women to abandon there Head Scarves?
The Muslim and Jewish Men to remove their caps?
The Sikh Men to remove their Turbans?
The Hindu women to remove their Bindis?

Comments like this is what causes disunity between people of different faiths.

Lets bring on the real debate..



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