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Israel’s Indiscriminate Attacks Against Civilians in Lebanon – Human Rights Watch February 16, 2007

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The Attack on Human Rights Watch

Aryeh Neier

On August 3—three weeks after a Lebanese Hezbollah raid into Israel set off a war that lasted until August 14—Human Rights Watch published a report, “Fatal Strikes: Israel’s Indiscriminate Attacks Against Civilians in Lebanon,” that inspired a series of vitriolic attacks on the organization’s credibility. According to some of the critics, the organization’s executive director, Kenneth Roth, is biased against Israel and an anti-Semite. Unfortunately, the criticisms are based on misunderstandings and distortions of international humanitarian law. They contribute to an atmosphere that makes rational discussion in the United States of Israel’s policies and practices increasingly difficult.

One of the cases discussed in Human Rights Watch’s report was the killing of twenty-one civilians fleeing the border village of Marwahin:

On July 15, an Israeli strike on a convoy of civilians fleeing from the Lebanese border village of Marwahin killed twenty-one people, including fourteen children. Many villagers fled after the IDF [Israel Defense Forces] warned them to evacuate ahead of the threatened attack. In addition, a relative of one of the victims said, Hezbollah had stored weapons in the village, and the residents feared a retaliatory IDF attack. The villagers of Marwahin are Sunni and have long-standing tensions with the Shi’a Hezbollah organization….

This is nothing new. One does not need to look at Lebanon to understand the war crimes committed by Israel rather one should just look at the Palestinian condition in Palestine to really get to feel the suffering of Palestinians in one big Israeli organised concentration camp (as some reports have called it).

When is the western world (not the leaders but merely the average public) going to wake up and make a stance against their countries support and sponsor of Israel and its war crimes?



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