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Israeli Terrorism Strikes Again February 16, 2007

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…the abused and oppressed are now abusing and oppressing…

We see once again the illegal state of Israel using state level terrorism in the name of self defence to attack innocent people of Palestine. The latest tank attack on residential area has killed up to 18 people most whom are women and children yet more have been hurt and injured by this Israeli state terrorism.

As per standard practice the western media immediately reported this event as Israeli right for self defence against Palestinian firework and stone throwing. In response we see this Israeli massacre. A massacre which is quickly which could not come at a better time when the world attention is on the US election and resignation of Donald Rumsfeld. Ceasing this opportunity of world attention diverted to US the illegal state of Israel attacked the innocent residential area making room for more illegal Israeli residential occupation development.

After such war crimes and state level of terrorism by the illegal state of Israel they turn to the world still on the sympathy bandwagon of World War I and II pleading their actions of self defence. The arrogant no doubt totally side with them thus equally sharing their war crimes against humanity.

Muslim will today raise their hands to Allah and pray that Israel meet their long awaited fate sooner rather than later and no doubt they will along side their western terror sponsors.

For the endless news reports on this state level terrorism by the illegal state of Israel please click here



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