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Islamophobia, Panic and Public Media February 16, 2007

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That’s the operating system of the war on terror.

Panic is produced and mobilized. The pope’s comment about Islam coincides with the E.coli spinach outbreak. Both create a phantasm of panic, with fear of the unknown shutting down borders everywhere, from countries to people to difference to ideas.

The current outbreak of Islamophobia has distinct visual markers in the commercial mass media, visually shaping panic. In September, Pope Benedict XVI delivered a speech at a university in Germany, a country with 1.9 million Muslim Turkish guest workers as well as Turks born in Germany.

Pope Benedict said, “show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there will you find things only evil and inhuman, such his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.”

On CNN, a white male news anchor in a business suit occupied the center of the frame, flatly describing the reaction around the globe to the Pope’s speech. Behind him, digitally composited images formed four quadrants from Indonesia, Gaza, Sudan and Pakistan. These images showed large groups of angry people with picket signs in different-but untranslated– languages. It was an image of chaos, undifferentiation, nameless crowds. Read more



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