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Islamophobes to stop whingeing says Timothy Garton Ash February 16, 2007

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If someone freely chooses to wear a niqab, what skin is it off your nose?

Pink-faced Englishmen in crimson braces make me feel uncomfortable. But let’s concentrate on what really matters

I have been meaning for some time to write a column in defence of the hijab, on the same grounds on which I defended free speech last week. In a free country people should be able to wear what they like, just as they should be able to say what they like, so long as it does not imperil the life or liberty of others. My only reason for hesitating was the thought that I, as a non-Muslim man, am not self-evidently well qualified to judge what the hijab means to Muslim women. If a female Muslim journalist were to write about, say, the problems of jockstrap-wearing among rugby forwards, a similar objection might be made. But if we could only write about those things of which we have direct personal experience, there wouldn’t be much journalism or literature left.

None the less, our respective articles’ credibility would be significantly enhanced if that female Muslim journalist had talked to a wide range of jockstrap-wearing (or, perish the painful thought, non-jockstrap-wearing) rugby forwards, and if I had talked to a range of hijab-wearing and non-hijab-wearing Muslim women – which is what I hoped to do, and have not yet done. But since a debate has now been kick-started by another non-Muslim man, Jack Straw, and has raged for a week in the British media, I feel impelled to intervene without having done the kind of research I would normally wish to have done. Reader, you have been warned. more

So I wonder how the racists in Britian would respond to his comments?



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