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Islamic takeover of Europe getting very nasty February 16, 2007

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Do the BNP have enough balls to lead by example? I hope they do exactly what this extremist German vicar did Roland Weisselberg German. Enjoy the (bomb) fire. (He atleast should have waited till 5th November).

2nd November 2006 (I have no interest in sending tracfic to BNP sites)

Angered and distressed by the threat of the evils of Islam to his country, his homeland, his family and his kinfolk a German vicar committed suicide by setting himself alight on Tuesday (31st) in protest.

The 73 year old Roland Weisselberg poured petrol over himself and set fire to himself in the Erfurt monastery, where Martin Luther took his monastic vows in 1505. Tuesday was a national holiday in parts of Germany to celebrate the Protestant Reformation. Despite robust efforts by many on the scene who rushed to extinguish the flames, Mr. Weisselberg later died of his injuries.

In a farewell letter to his wife the vicar wrote that he was setting himself on fire to warn against the danger of the Islamification of Europe. During the past four years the vicar had frequently expressed his concern about the growth of Islam, urging the Lutheran Church to take this issue seriously. As the fire started the vicar cried: “Jesus and Oskar!” Oskar Brüsewitz was a 47-year old German vicar who died after setting himself on fire 30 years ago, on 18 August 1976, in the market square of the German town of Zeitz in protest against the Communist regime in East Germany. Both Erfurt and Zeitz are situated in the former East German province of Saxony.



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