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Images of Haditha Don’t Lie February 16, 2007

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Hard evidence: A photo of a marine standing at the site where five unarmed civilians were killed on November 19, 2005, contained in an investigative report. Four marines have been charged with murder after events on that day.
Photo: AP

For the sake of proving a point and to provide evidence to few people who have commented on my blog suggesting that US “Soldiers were strictly monitored” ensuring “no war crimes” were committed. Well I could not prove the opposite anymore than these pictures just after the Haditha massacre where the US (and only US) soldiers were involved. The US soldiers are not really soldiers but more terrorists supported and funded by America. The world has started to recognize this.

US MARINES took dozens of gruesome photographs of the 24 civilians who were killed in Haditha, Iraq, in November 2005.

The images, which investigators tracked down on several laptop computers and digital media drives — some in the US — provide visual evidence of a series of shootings outside a taxi and inside three homes that military criminal investigators have alleged were murders.

Much like the photographs that emerged in the Abu Ghraib prison abuse cases, the Haditha images have provided investigators with powerful and visceral evidence of what happened. But unlike the detainee photographs, which were turned over to officials who then investigated the case, the Haditha images were discovered months after the shootings as more than 60 Naval Criminal Investigative Service agents scoured the globe for them.

Investigators found images on laptop computers that were shipped back to the US and recovered images that had supposedly been deleted from a Sony PlayStation Portable memory drive, according to investigative documents.

Marines were found to have downloaded the images from each other’s devices, traded them and loaded them onto personal websites, and one marine told investigators he saw some of the photographs set to music on one computer. Some were emailed from Iraq to a civilian in the US, but none surfaced publicly until now.

Several marines took photos on November 19, 2005, some of them as part of an intelligence-gathering operation and some in order to record what had happened to the Humvee that was destroyed by a massive roadside bomb, killing Corporal Miguel “T. J.” Terrazas.

The photographs of the bomb crater and the shredded vehicle show the power of the explosion that first set the Haditha incident in motion.

Among the images, there is a young boy with a helicopter on the front of his pyjamas, slumped over, his face and head covered in blood. There is a mother lying on a bed, arms splayed, the bodies of three young children huddled against her right side.

There are men with gaping head wounds, and a woman and a child hunkered down on their knees, their hands frozen around their faces as if permanently bracing for an attack.

The images are contained in thousands of pages of NCIS investigative documents obtained by The Washington Post.

Post editors decided that most of the images were too graphic to publish in the newspaper.

Ed Buice, an NCIS spokesman, said he could not comment on an open investigation: “NCIS strives to ensure the integrity of every investigation and finds the idea that someone might leak any of its investigative products to be deeply troubling.” read more

There are more images available on the Internet which shows the US lead massacre in Haditha. This sort of massacre of innocent people (yes, innocent who had nothing to do with anything related to attacking the US and who’s only crime was that they were either happen to be near by or lived near by) is terrorism by the US state.

These images and the whole US terrorist attack on innocent Haditha civilians infuriate and enrage anyone but these are US terrorist attacks that were are aware of and have come into light but there are 1000’s more such attacks which never make it to our attention.

The responsible will meet their fate very soon.



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