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French unions resist after Muslims are sacked February 16, 2007

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Islamophobia isn’t just taking place in Britain. Authorities in France have withdrawn the security clearances for 40 mainly Muslim workers at the Paris airport of Roissy-Charles de Gaulle, one of Europe’s busiest airports.

The police prefecture of Seine-Saint-Denis, linked to the interior ministry, withdrew the clearances, claiming that the workers could become involved in terrorist activity.

The right winger Nicolas Sarkozy runs the interior ministry. He is planning to stand for next year’s presidential election.

According to Jacques Lebrot, the deputy prefect in charge of the airport, these workers “are linked to fundamentalist movements with potentially terrorist aims”.

The workers were called in for an interview by the prefecture. Karim has been working for the courier company Fedex since 2001. He said that all the workers called in for the interview were Muslims.

During the interview Karim was questioned about his religious practices. Karim said, “I explained to them that I was a practicing Muslim but that I had never belonged to an extremist current.

“I practice much less since I got a secure job and had three children. At the end, as I insisted to know what accusation they had against me, they said they were not accusing me of anything.

“They said that because of the international situation they had to interview potentially dangerous people.”

On 20 September Karim received a letter from the prefecture saying they had withdrawn his security clearance on the grounds that the interview hadn’t assured them that he wouldn’t be a threat to the security of the airport. read more



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