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Fierce clashes shake west Baghdad February 16, 2007

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But wait, we were told by Bush himself in 2003 that “Mission Accomplished” so whats all the fight for now?

Plus you captured Saddam and your wealthy war experts living in the west were confident that this was a blow to Saddam’s supporters and fighters (who you labeled as terrorists because they simply opposed to your terrorism and fought for their land).

Plus you killed Iraq number 1 terrorist Al-Zakarwi who was later showed in a home made video by his group that he could not even hold a machine gun let alone fire one.

Plus you removed Saddam’s regime and implemented your own.

Plus you sentenced Saddam to death and got his executed before he could spill the beans on what secrets he had to tell the world about US and UK involvements.

So, hold on then what they fighting for?

Note: I would replace the word terrorists from the following article with “Freedom and Resistance fighters” in Iraq defended what is rightly their own.

US and Iraqi troops backed by aircraft have been engaged in fierce clashes with Sunni fighters in central Baghdad.

Iraq’s defence ministry said some 50 suspected insurgents had been killed in the battle around Haifa Street.

“Today’s operation was designed to purge Haifa Street and nearby neighbourhoods from terrorists,” said spokesman Maj Gen Ibrahim Shaker.

The fighting came days after Prime Minister Nouri Maliki promised tough action against illegal armed groups.

A spokesman for the US military said it had no “battle assessment” of Tuesday’s fighting.

The joint US-Iraqi forces were backed by US fighter jets and military helicopters, which fired into the area, witnesses said.

A steady barrage of mortar and machine-gun fire was heard along the west bank of the Tigris.

Police sources told the BBC that the Haifa Street clashes follow two days of violence in the Sunni stronghold, after an Iraqi army unit found 27 bodies dumped in the nearby Sheikh Marouf cemetery

The military reportedly sent troops to arrest those responsible for the killings, triggering the clashes. Read more



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