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Community pledge on mosque attack (Preston, UK) February 16, 2007

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The effects of hatred towards Muslims in the UK has taken a new toll in which groups and gangs of infidel and kafir youths are targeting and provoking innocent Muslims around the country. They could not have picked a better time for their premeditated and well calculated actions (and attacks) to insight racial hatred and tension amongst Muslims during the holy month of Ramadan. This is the only time when the Infidel and Kafirs will find all adults, youth and children in one location for the whole month and an easy target for them.

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out the intention behind the Infidel and Kafir gangs which is to bring the Muslim youth onto the street and to force them into rioting, which will be picked up by the bias media and manipulated into linking Muslim youth to violent protests and riots further demonising Islam.

As I have said before in my posts that every action has a reaction. For the bias media and the infidel and kafirs they are more interested in the reaction as opposed to understanding the actions by their own youths/adults that are on the verge of insighting racial and religious hatred amongst communities.

Community leaders in Preston are vowing to work together to avoid a repeat of disturbances in which an Asian teenager was stabbed outside a mosque.
The pledge came after a three-hour meeting in Avenham involving police, politicians and community leaders.

About 200 people were involved in trouble on Sunday night after what police said were racially motivated attacks on cars parked at a mosque.

Extra patrols have been mounted in the area. There were no problems overnight.

Lets keep this news in mind and see where else Muslims are being targetted and pushed to their limits.



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