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Charles Carl Roberts IV The Christian Suicide Killer was “Angry at Life, Angry at God” February 16, 2007

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Charles Carl Roberts IV was “loving, supportive, thoughtful.” – his wife

So, what does that make it alright to kill innocent people just because you feel angry at life and god? This is the most stupid scenario one could ever come across.

Breaking News:

Gunman said he molested, dreamed of doing it again

The American Infidel and Kafir public are working so hard to make this incident look as if it was nothing but just a result of one mans frustration. But the reality is a lot different to what the American bias media will tell you.

This person Charles Carl Roberts IV was an American Christian terrorist and a typical product of their own society. What he had done was baseless and unjustifiable in comparison to Muslims suicide bombers, at least their reason usually to resist illegal occupation and to fight for their freedom is much more understandable (if one would want to understand) then just being angry.

I often wonder that had this American Christian terrorist been a Muslim who felt anger at god or life (which they don’t do at all) then the picture painted by the bias media of America would have been a lot different. Bush and Blair would have been up in arms warning their Infidels that more attacks could be expected. But in this instance the words such as terrorist, suicides, Christian are deliberately being avoided.

To America, Charles Carl Roberts IV is a product of your society and I wonder how many more American Christian terrorists are being harboured by your own nation?

It is really worth reading this news article which tries so hard to avoid linking this terrorist to America and Christianity.

While I was writing this post I came accross more revelations about the new breed of American Christian Terrorist that not only are their home grown terrorist but also dedicated molesters and instead of being armed with a suicide belt he equipped him self with sexual lubricant and flex-ties and oh a gun too . If you’re interested then you can find the article here



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