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Arabic-Speaking Soldier Commits Suicide in Objection to Torture February 16, 2007

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An American soldier, a woman, commits suicide after a few days being forced to torture Iraqis. One more step and it’s flogging.

She should have shot her “superior” who gave her the order instead.

Although violence is not recommended, it depends on the situation. If he was compassionate, he would have refused his Zionist superiors orders.

But if he gave her the ultimatum, that is either she does it, or she is shot for “disobeying orders” then that leaves her with very little choice.

She could ‘run away’ and seek amnesty in another country — like so many Americans are doing in Canada. But that would only mean someone else will ‘take her place’… 😦

By applying pressure on her superiors, that would have solved many problems.

Firstly, innocent and loyal Iraqis who chose to defend their people and nation from being tortured, killed, shot, beheaded (since we can NOT assume Iraqis are responsible, knowing the Israelis are involved).

Secondly, this would mean she would not have to be ordered to torture and kill Iraqis anymore. Thirdly, this will send a clear message to Rumsfield and Zionist Jews that their “SHIT” is not wanted! Lastly, this will build up into an atmosphere where progressively higher up in command will be “threatened” with death and pain if they continue to pursue Zionst Agendas. Let me know what you think… read more



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