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Amish school shooting linked to Al-Qaeda and Islamic Terrorism? February 16, 2007

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I really don’t think so..

Firstly my sympathy goes out to the victim’s families, friends and community at this awful evil act of American home grown terrorism. There is no justification for such evil and immoral act. Story can be found here

No doubt when this news first broke the evil infidels who work immensely hard to find breaking news which relates to Islam and Islamic so called terrorism would have jumped in joy as another story could have provided them with more anti-Islamic ammunition to further demonise Islam amongst the western world.

Unfortunately for the Infidels and Kafirs who rushed to find the usual Abu, Osama, Zarkarawi, etc names and the usual Muslim country names (Sauid, Iraq or Iran) in the news story head lines, this news was not suitable for them to write about but yet some blogs have tried to include Islam and terrorism into this story, which further is proof that its not really terrorism which they hate but rather Islam.

I want to bring to you a quote from a blog of a stupid person who tried to bring in Islam and terrorism into this story. I have no attention in providing its source since I have no interest in directing traffic his way:

It could well be a terrorist or terrorist ideology-inspired individual, deliberately bringing terror into America’s heartland. I’m thinking somebody in New York (no offense to New Yorkers in general, but there are all kinds in NYC including some radical groups). It won’t take that guy long to drive into Lancaster county to do his deed.

Now, this clearly is an indirect attack on Islam where an attempt is made to link terrorism to it. But this person who committed this terrorist attack is a home grown American terrorist who just as well could fit into a suicide bomber category. This person was a product of American society and nothing else. Trying to link this story some bizarre way to Islam or the Al-Qaeda myth is just a joke not even worth laughing at.

I know it is hard for the Infidels and Kafirs living in the western society and especially in America to accept the hardcore fact that America does not really need the so called Al-Qaeda to commit fake terrorist attacks when the country has a problem of its own home grown terrorist. It will of course be hard for American Infidels and Kafirs to swallow that terrorism is not just linked to Islam but rather to a failed American society which is breeding its own terrorist who are aiming to attack their own people.

Well-done America lets she how you describe this American terrorist and justify why he killed him self and many others. I wonder which cheesy terrorist group name you’ll invent for a home grown American terrorist. Just to start I recommend “Al-Americqaeda” and “The Long War on Our Own home grown terrorists”.

All recommendations for names welcome.



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